Who We Are

The genesis of Vitalyte can be traced back more than forty years to when Bill Gookin decided that athletes needed a better option for their performance needs other than the sports drinks currently on the market. His goal was to create an electrolyte replacement product that could quickly and efficiently be absorbed by the body to give athletes a much-needed boost of energy in a short amount of time. Four decades later, Vitalyte continues to champion Bill’s vision of creating the finest in sports nutrition drinks, gels, and bars.

Our goal

Vitalyte’s longevity has made evident its dedication to athletes the world over. Through the use of our sports nutrition products, our goal is to aid athletes in achieving their peak performance. We want them to run faster. Jump higher. To do what has not been done before. Yet we at Vitalyte know that physical activity means more than merely striving to succeed against yourself or others.

It’s about camaraderie.

Developing lifelong friendships with fellow sports enthusiasts. It’s about community. It's about encouraging others to try harder and accomplish more. And it’s about the love of the game, the sport, the moment. What drives our company forward is an unwavering commitment to creating the highest level of fulfillment from all that sports of every kind have to offer.

We live, breathe and sweat Vitalyte. Do you?