Alexandra Stevenson

Alexandra Stevenson

Professional Tennis Player


Resides in Los Angeles, Ca
Birthplace: La Jolla, Ca
Birthdate: December 15, 1980
Height: 6'1"
Pro Status: turned professional June 1999 (Wimbledon 1999)

History: Alexandra was ranked 18th in the world in 2002 and during her career she was within the top 100 for five years. In 1999 at 18 years old, just two weeks out of high school, Alexandra made history as the first woman qualifier in the Open Era to reach the Wimbledon semifinals. In January 2003 Alexandra had a shoulder injury. She had a Type II labral SLAP repair on September 21, 2004 in Birmingham, Alabama, with Dr. James Andrews. She rehabilitated, trained, and played to return strong and healthy to the WTA Tour. Alexandra is currently competing in the 2010 season.

Professional Results:

. Linz 2002 Finalist
. Filderstadt 2002: Quarterfinals (defeating Jennifer Capriati en route)
. Quebec City 2002: Quarterfinals Her prior earnings on the tennis circuit are as follows:
. Memphis 2002: Finalist
. Tokyo 2002: Quarterfinals (defeating Amanda Coetzer en route)
. Sydney 2002: Quarterfinals (defeating Jennifer Capriati en route)
. General Ladies Linz 2001: Quarterfinals (defeating Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario en route)
. Quebec City 2001: Quarterfinals
. Wimbledon 1999: Semifinals
. Birmingham 1999: Quarterfinals
. Oklahoma City, Ok - 1999: Quarterfinals
. Midland, Mi - 1998: Champion
. Scottsdale Az - 2003: semifinals

Interesting Facts:

. Won first doubles title (with Serena Williams) during Leipzig, Germany 2002
. First female qualifier to reach Wimbledon Semifinals (John McEnroe accomplished this in1980)
. Qualifying to quarterfinals, Birmingham, week before Wimbledon Semifinals
. Only amateur to qualify and then win at the Midland, MI professional event (at 17 years old)
. Has been featured in a variety of national and international media including MTV, BBC, CNN, Barbara Walters Special (ABC TV), Tennis Channel, Best Damned Sports Show, Good Morning America, Today Show, Oxygen Television, People Magazine, Tennis Magazine, (Cover 1999) ESPN Magazine, ESPN TV,, Elle Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Women's Sports and Fitness Magazine, Washington Post, New York Times, New York Observer, LA Times, USA Today (Cover1999) London Times, Australian Age, and numerous other outlets throughout world.
. Graduated from La Jolla Country Day School in May, 1999 (with honors 3.4 average)
. Other interests include drama and singing. (taking classes in LA) has performed in The Nutcracker (San Diego City Ballet) Guys and Dolls (high school production), Bye Bye Birdie (high school production), Grease (high school production) among other plays and musicals. Off Broadway musical walk-on role. Sang, "Joy to the World" for Millennium audience in Australia at Hopman Cup - televised throughout Australia.

Awards and Honors

. Member of U.S. Hopman Cup Team (2000)
. Member of U.S. Pan American Games Team (1999) (Bronze medal)
. Member U.S. Professional Development Program (1998-2002)
. Member U.S. National Team (1994-1996)
. Received 1997 Breitbard Athlete of the Year Award
. Given Key to the city of San Diego by Mayor 1999
. Member Fed Cup Team for United States 2002-2003 (three teams)
. Recognized by Governor of South Carolina for efforts to bring down Confederate Flag over State House. Flag was removed to a confederate cemetery.
. Recognized by elementary schools in California for "Where in the World is Alexandra" - an email sent to elementary classrooms from Alexandra Stevenson about tennis around the world and what is required of a tennis player and citizen of world.
. "Alexandra's Aces" In 2003 served 127 aces to benefit American Heart Association
. Graduated December 15, 2007, University of Colorado. Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Sociology, Dean's List. Honor Society. (Unique as Final 8 member to have graduated while playing professional tennis.
. Inducted into the La Jolla Country Day School Hall of Fame on December 4, 2009.