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Vitalyte and Hangovers

I got introduced to Vitalyte a few years ago when I first started designing them a website. I was lucky enough to bring home a box of free product when I started working with them and have to tell you I have not had a traditional hangover since… Now I’ve really gone out and killed some brain cells a few nights and somehow remained coherent enough to mix a glass of Vitalyte before bed… I’ll be straight up with you, while I still feel a little run down the next morning, I have no headache, and no “I want to die” feeling. This stuff really works, I’ve got all my friends hooked on it. I promise this will be the last shameless plug on here, but if I can save a few of you a bed riddin day… all the better.

Looking forward to sharing some interesting things about art, design, music and all the other things that keep me moving. Thanks for stopping by!
PS. Please forgive my horrible grammar, excessive use of ellipsis and bad spelling, now and in the future…

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