The Truth about Coconut Water

There’s no denying that coconut water is buzzed about as a healthy hydration drink, but do the facts stack up to the hype surrounding coconut water? We did some research to find out.


·         Rumor: It is nature’s sport drink.

o   During a hard workout, you sweat out sodium and potassium, but coconut water only replaces enough potassium and falls short when it comes to sodium. Down a Vitalyte drink post-workout and you will replenish sodium and potassium.

·         Rumor: Coconut water can speed up your metabolism.

o   Fact: There is no research supporting this claim.

·         Rumor: Coconut water makes you look younger.

o   Fact: Although it contains plant hormones called cytokinins, which have been known to slow the aging process in plants and fruit flies, the jury is still out on humans.

Now that the myths surrounding coconut water have been debunked you have a few more reasons to choose Vitalyte!

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