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30 Days of Awesome – Day 15

Lake Powell – Day 2

Someone once told me that solitude is a precious thing. Standing on a giant rock overlooking the lake with a cup of coffee in hand while watching the sun splash its first rays down on the desert made me understand that statement. Moments like that are fleeting and so rare that you wish you could stop time and stay in that moment for a lot longer. Unfortunately that isn’t a possibility so you do the next best thing… Go Scuba Diving.

We want to send a shout out to our friends at A1 Scuba in Denver, who provided some awesome gear for us to try while diving Lake Powell. In addition they are also the sponsors of the Aquarium Shark Dive in Denver. Check out their link on our website for more info about this company. There seems to be this conflict amongst divers as to the diving quality of the lake, and although I have been there many times in the past, I have never dove the waters of Lake Powell. Now that I have, I can say that was an awesome experience.

The visibility changes depending on your location but my first dive took place along the main channel wall where the bottom depth was registering at 380 feet. The algae growing along the wall captured sunlight and reflected it back into the lake making visibility roughly 30 to 40 feet. My first dive was with Kenneth, an experienced diver so we decided to drop down to 35 feet to check conditions and take a couple of pictures.

The rock wall we diving along opened up in many places to reveal an entire network of caves. Not having the proper equipment, we decided to stay away, although I must say the allure of the unknown was pretty tempting. Our total bottom time for the first dive was about 25 minutes with a max depth of 45 feet. After that, visibility got pretty bad and all you could see was the abysmal drop off that ran another 340 feet to the lake bottom. Ocean diving is different in the sense that you can usually see down to the floor or at least a reef that you may be diving. Looking down into the lake, you see nothing but slow change from lighted water to the infinite black of the murky depths. It can be a little freaky sometimes, especially when you let your imagination run wild and think of all that could be lurking down there.

Needless to say we had a great first dive and were both ready to enjoy some above lake activities. Today was wakesurfing day, something I have yet to experience on decent water. Wake surfing is an attempt to surf on a lake instead of the ocean by using the ballast system of a boat to create a large enough way to surf on.

I think I did alright.

The great thing about a place like lake Powell is that there is always something to do, so when wake surfing gets old, you can move right into rock climbing and cliff diving.

Cliff Diving led into more wake boarding and the day progressed as well as any day could, with plenty of sun, fun and beer. I even got in a decent run or two on the board whihc Tami captured so well.

Day 2 finished out a lot stronger than day 1 as it was my friends birthday. The celebration got going with a huge fire by the lake where I was able to introduce “V”, the new Vitalyte mascot to the group.

Turns out that V is quite the ladies man.

Watch for the continuing adventures of V as he travels the world in search of fun and excitement. This guy is a prototype but we will soon have V for sale on the website for all Vitalyte fans to enjoy in their adventures. I’m guessing that we will also be offering up some great prizes in the future for the best “V” pics and stories.

The party kept going until the wee hours of the morning, when by sheer exhaustion people slowly migrated back to whatever part of the houseboat they could call a bed for a few hours before the next day.

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30 Days of Awesome – Day 14

After driving 7 and 1/2 hours through the dead of night I arrived at Bullfrog Marina just as the sun was coming up. This was an awesome start to an awesome vacation at Lake Powell. Sure I was a little tired from the long drive but seeing the majestic beauty of Lake Powell with its red cliffs and clear water first thing in the morning can have a motivating effect on a person.

5 Days of scuba diving, wake boarding, cliff diving, hiking, and anything else I could think of, all in the company of great friends is my idea of pretty good vacation.

Day 1

8:00 – We had the houseboat fully loaded with all the food, beer and gear necessary to stay alive for 5 days away from civilization.

8:05 – With the houseboat instruction tour complete, I backed the houseboat out of her slip and headed off into the main channel between Bullfrog Marina and Halls Crossing to meet up with the wake board boat. Our 53 foot houseboat lacked speed but on a vacation like this, who really needs it.

9:10 – We met up with the wake board boat and proceeded South towards the Arizona side of the lake. With three woman showing up later that day our goal was stay close to the marinas.

9:30am – 8:30 pm This part of the day would represent the montage scene of a movie. Set to the backdrop of some hip hop song, the montage would show our little group wake boarding, drinking beer, cliff diving.

8:45 pm – I am now water logged, sun baked and have had nothing to eat but rice krispies treats for the better part of a day. My carnivorous side is craving protein in the form of a bacon wrapped fillet. Just because we are in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean we have to live like savages.

11:30 pm – Two days of not sleeping, compounded with all the fun in the sun are catching up to me. It is time to call it a night. Or so I thought?

2:30 am – The phone rings and the woman we were suppose to be meeting took a major detour and ended up on the wrong side of the lake 3 hours late. They finally get back to the house boat and the party starts again. Oh well, sleeping is overrated.

To post or not to post, that is the question. I thought I would try and condense the whole trip into one long post but as long winded as I can be, that might turn into a mini novel instead of a blog, so check back for tomorrows post where Vitalyte introduces its new mascot V to the trip, I scuba dive in the 350 foot murky depths of Lake Powell, and the fun continues.

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