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What Vitalyte Are You

Yep it's that time of year, the smell of freshly mowed grass and burning coals on the barbecue signal the return of the boys of summer. The only thing you look forward to more than opening day at the ballpark is dusting off your cleats and mitt. Your Thursday nights will consist of a 7:30pm adult league game followed by a stop at your favorite watering hole with the guys. The season is long but you have prepared in the off season. Weights at the gym three days a week and even a two mile jog on Monday's and Friday's. The only thing you have forgotten about is to pick out the right electrolyte sports drink for baseball. See staying hydrated is just as important as your batting average. Even being slightly dehydrated can affect your game. Vitalyte contains all the essential electrolytes to help guarantee you will catch that pop-up fly. Who knows, you may even become the leader for home runs this year. With Vitalyte dehydration is going, going, gone!

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