What Vitalyte Are You

The temperatures are rising, the winds are just right and it is perfect weather for some sunny days spent boating. With all the activities planned, from water skiing to fishing and wakeboarding to sunset cruising, your summer is looking to be packed with fun. While your boat is in tip top shape and filled with the essentials from sunscreen to life jackets don't forget to pack some Vitalyte on the port side. Our electrolyte replacement drink for boating is a must. Excess heat exposure increases your body's demands for hydration and Vitalyte is the optimal way to replace lost nutrients. Formulated with essential electrolytes and glucose for rapid absorption, our easy to use product is a must for any boating enthusiast. So grab your friends and get ready for an even better summer. Just remember the Vitalyte on board!

Electrolyte Replacement Drink Boating