What Vitalyte Are You

You reserved the camp spot months in advance. Two weeks worth of food and supplies are stuffed somewhere in the motorhome. The kids are asking "are we there yet?" Your in-laws are reminding you that it is sharply noon and thus time to pull over and eat. Yes the next fourteen days are going to be loads of fun. But after all it is a family tradition and one of the few times each year everyone gets together. When you pull over for lunch, you fumble through jars of peanut butter and bags of trail mix until you finally find a container of electrolyte drink mix, with all this travel and stress you are thirsty! As you wrestle with the jar you realize that an on the go electrolyte sports drink would've been a better option. Well Vitalyte has read your frazzled mind my friend. Our easy to use and convenient stick packs are the perfect portable fit for camping. Small in size but packed with all the essential electrolytes we will keep you and your family hydrated so you can enjoy the great outdoors and your time together.

Camping Portable Sports Drink