What Vitalyte Are You

It's 2:00am, your dorm room is strewn with all the usuals: an open psychology text book, highlighters, iPad charger, loose change and a few bags of nacho cheese flavored tortilla chips. The sound of house music plays in the background as you madly type at the keyboard of your desktop computer. You are working on page eleven of a twelve page mandatory essay and you are finding it hard to come up with another thousand relevant words on the topic of "The Neural Pathways Involved In Language Development In The Brain." Right about now you need another cup of coffee, or so you think. It is true that caffeine does have benefits when used in the right amounts. But you are reaching for your fourth cup, so unfortunately for you my friend, your train has passed the advantages stop. What your body really needs right now is serious hydration! Dehydration isn't only caused by physical exertion or hot temperatures, intense mental activity requires essential electrolytes as well! So save that cup of joe for breakfast time and make some room on your desk for a cold glass of Vitalyte. We guarantee our electrolyte replacement drink will help hydrate you quickly and effectively so those next thousand words will be a breeze!

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