What Vitalyte Are You

You are a dedicated parent. You spend countless hours at night googling the latest info on everything from nutrition for your kids to how to properly save for your child’s college education. On top of it during the day you help with math homework, drive to soccer practice and fix a broken bike spoke, you wear a lot hats and you problem solve like no one can! The one thing you haven’t been able to quite figure out is your family’s hydration needs. You read labels and know many of the sports drinks out there are high in sugar and sodium, not to mention all the artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners they contain. Well your Google search is over, Vitalyte is a kids electrolyte sports drink that your child will love. We don’t add any artificial anything to our product. Plus our drink is low in sugar and sodium. So add another job title to your list, tutor, shuttle driver, mechanic and now nutritionist!

kids electrolyte replacement for family