Fire Fighting and Vitalyte

What Vitalyte Are You

At Vitalyte we salute all those who pledge to "promise concern for others and a willingness to help those in need." Firefighters work hard day in and day out to help those in unfortunate circumstances. In order to withstand the harsh elements these brave women and men face, they must be in tip top shape. That is why at Vitalyte we have pledged to make the best electrolyte drink for firefighters. Our natural formula is made with all the essential electrolytes a firefighter's body needs to combat dehydration under extreme temperatures. Free from any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and formulated with glucose for rapid mineral absorption, our product is ready to help our nation's finest do what they do best. So next time you see a firefighter, thank them for their service and know that Vitalyte stands behind these brave women and men.

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