Fishing and Vitalyte

What Vitalyte Are You

Spending the day on the calm water, fishing pole in one hand, bait in the other, there is nothing like time on the lake waiting for the "big one" to bite. In fact you like everything about being outside with a tackle box. Except for one thing. The warm weather always takes its' toll. After a couple of hours in the direct sun you tend to feel a little dehydrated. Your reflexes slow slightly and in general you are sluggish. What you need is a serious electrolyte drink for fishing. Vitalyte is to here help. Our hydration formula for fishing is filled with the essential electrolytes you body needs to fend off the effects of a day in the heat. Plus our drink mix is free from any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. And that my friend is not just another story about the "one that got away."

Electrolyte Replacement Drink Fishing