Gardening and Vitalyte

What Vitalyte Are You

You spend countless hours every weekend weeding your sweet peas, fertilizing your tomatoes and answering questions from your neighbors on "Just how do you get your azaleas to bloom so bright?" Let's face it, you are a gardening genius. At Vitalyte we salute all those with green thumbs. Your skill and dedication to your craft is a true talent. You have mastered everything from root vegetables, to flowering shrubs to nightshades. Even cactus have an affinity for you! There is one thing though that bothers you. And that is the back pain and muscle stiffness you experience after a day in the vines and sun. Well Vitalyte is here to help. Our recovery drink for gardening may not help keep the aphids off your kale but it can definitely put muscle pain and soreness in its' place! Packed with essential electrolytes for optimal hydration, amino acids to combat muscle fatigue and superoxidedismutase to mitigate inflammation, our formula will get you back to garden faster than you can say "heirloom carrots."

Complete Recovery Drink Gardening