What Vitalyte Are You

You have dreams of sinking the winning shot at Augusta and being awarded the coveted "green jacket". Reality of owning the iconic coat sets in on your usual Sunday golf excursion, yep five balls into the sand trap, cuts on your legs from foraging into the bushes to find your shot and your club "somehow" got thrown into the lake when you missed the put that today's beers were riding on. Arnold Palmer you are not! Unfortunately on top of the disappointment you got so wrapped up in trying to avoid the jeers and jokes from your "caddy" (AKA your roommate and best friend) you forgot to hydrate. Bad move! Whether it's a day on the course or an hour at the range, you need to stay hydrated. Vitalyte is the ultimate electrolyte sports drink for golf, it has all the essential electrolytes you need to keep you playing at your best and none of the artificial stuff that can weigh you down. While we can't guarantee you will see your name in lights on the PGA tour, we can be sure you will stay hydrated, even if you stay a little longer than expected at the 18th hole!

Golf Electrolyte Sports Drink