What Vitalyte Are You

You've heard it a thousand times, "An Apple a day will keep the doctor away." While we'd never accuse your mother of not being right, this time we gotta argue with her. While it's true that having a good diet and being conscious of what you put into your body is a good way to keep doctors' visits to a minimum, a Granny Smith or Fuji alone isn't going to do it. Health is about lifestyle, managing stress, having positive outlets, diet and hydration. Hydration? Yes hydration. You see because the average adult body can be comprised of up to 80% water, your hydration habits can greatly positively or negatively affect your health. Making sure you get plenty of quality liquids and electrolytes can make a big difference in your overall feeling of well being and body balance. That's where Vitalyte comes in. Our low sugar and low sodium electrolyte replacement for health is ideal for those looking to improve their hydration. Packed with essential electrolytes and glucose for easy absorption, our formula is also free from any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. So go ahead and eat your apple a day, but don't forget the Vitalyte!

Electrolyte Replacement for Health