What Vitalyte Are You

You are a hiking enthusiast! Every year as soon as the weather is warm enough you slough off your base layer in exchange for a flannel and pair of lightweight kakih shorts, grab your trail shoes and load up the SUV and you are off towards the nearest trail head. There are so many advantages to getting your exercise in the great outdoors! The brilliant colors, calming sounds and amazing views are enough to make you want to trade in your urban life for something a little calmer. Well if your boss has anything to say about it, that won't happen and odds are they aren't really hiring stock analysts at your favorite nature reserve so you will take whatever respite you can get from the pavement. The only thing you don't like about your weekend hikes is you tend to stay out on the trail a little longer than your body would prefer. You usually feel sluggish and tired towards the end. Odds are you are so busy enjoying your cell phone free time that you are forgetting to hydrate properly. Vitalyte makes the ideal to go sports drink for hiking. Our convenient and easy to use portable stick packs makes getting proper hydration on the trail easy. Just pour one single serving stick into sixteen ounces of water and you immediately have a formula that is free from artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners and is packed will all the essential electrolytes you need to make you time in nature even more enjoyable.

Vitalyte Go To Sports Drink for Hiking