Hockey and Vitalyte

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The sound of skates carving the ice during harsh turns. The clash of sticks fighting for the tumbling puck. The exhilaration you feel during a break away towards the opposing goal. You love hockey! Everything from practices that begin before dawn breaks to the miles you run in the off season to keep you in peak cardiovascular fitness. There is only one thing that is starting to bother you. You don't seem to be recovering from those body checks like you once did. And towards the end of the season your joints and muscles are screaming at you to hang up the skates for a bit so your body can have some rest. That is why at Vitalyte we created the ultimate sports recovery drink for hockey. Our formula is made for those who push their bodies to the limit. Fortified with electrolytes for optimal hydration, Palatinose to replenish glycogen stores, amino acids to help rebuild muscles and Superoxidedismutase to mitigate free radical damage, this formula will give soreness a run for its' money. We call that the ultimate face off!

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