Military and Vitalyte

What Vitalyte Are You

Our men and women of the armed services sacrifice a lot to protect our freedom. They spend countless months away from their family and friends, physically demand a lot from their bodies and spend time in harsh environments and unstable temperatures. We at Vitalyte salute those who defend our country. That is why we created our pre workout endurance formula with military service in mind. The formula contains Palatinose, a long burning carbohydrate that provides steady burning fuel when access to food is limited. Also, this pre workout drink for military service contains b vitamins for mental acuity, electrolytes for optimal hydration and beta alanine to buffer lactic acid. A fuel that is worth a "ten-hut."

Vitalyte thanks all of those who serve and who have served. We are able to do what we do because of you!

Military Pre Workout Endurance Formula