Orienteer and Vitalyte

What Vitalyte Are You

When you went to the orienteering Meet Up with your best friend, you had no idea you'd become to enjoy the sport so much! Combining running and navigation, you finally found an activity that called to your enjoyment of cardio exercise while appealing to your left brain. Now you consider yourself a "seasoned" orienteering athlete, competing in events on weekends and dragging reluctant friends along so you can "convert" them from gym rats into outdoors and navigational students. Although you are enjoying every moment of your sport, you notice you get fatigued partially through an event. Time to call on your left brain and realize with all that running and intense focus, you are probably getting dehydrated. Well, Vitalyte is here to help you with some problem solving. Our electrolyte replacement drink is ideal for orienteering. Packed with all the essential electrolytes you need to stay hydrated and glucose to replenish glycogen stores, this formula will give you the kick you need to get your control card to the finish line first.

Orienteer Electrolyte Replacement