What Vitalyte Are You

You are in your third trimester and you couldn't be happier, more excited, a little nervous and yeah still a little nauseous. Oh the joys of pregnancy! You have read all the latest books on what to expect when you're expecting. You are following your doctors advice perfectly on everything from nutrition to exercise to stress reduction. You even have names picked out. There is one thing you haven't figured out though, electrolyte replacement for pregnancy. The hormone changes of pregnancy cause changes in electrolyte balance and fluid retention. Essentially as an expectant mom you lose fluids to the the tissues thus making less fluid available for circulation. This can result in dehydration. Also, when you are pregnant, there is a good amount of pressure on the bladder which forces you to have to make inconvenient trips to the restroom. This leads to a tendency to not want to drink water in an effort to avoid the oh so loathed pit stops! To top it off, dehydration can lead to nausea. So what is a healthy choice for an electrolyte drink when you are pregnant to combat morning sickness and the effects of hormone induced dehydration, Vitalyte! Our electrolyte drink mix contains NO artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and has the correct balance of electrolytes a mama-to-be needs! So let Vitalyte take care of your pregnancy hydration needs. We are here to make the "joys of pregnancy" a little more joyful!

Electrolyte Replacement Pregnancy