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It's snowboarding season and you can't wait to spend some time on the mountain!  You've worked on perfecting your turns and you finally found a pair of bindings that feel just right.  All your preparation is bound to pay off for what you feel is going to be the best snow season ever.  There's one thing you don't want to forget to pack in board bag that could be the difference maker in you getting one last epic run of the day and cutting the fun short because you are out of energy, that is Tri Phase Endurance Fuel Formula.  Our specially designed natural pre-workout drink mix is formulated with key ingredients to get your day of boarding off to a great start and provide you with the energy you need to take one hard run after another.  Created by some of the top nutritional scientists in the field, Tri-Phase has b-vitamins for energy and mental focus, Palatinose which provides a long-burning carbohydrate source for sustained energy and beta-alanine, a powerful amino acid which buffers lactic acid.  So fuel yourself for the mountain this boarding season and get ready to be on peek as you turn and shred better than ever.

Snowboarding Endurance Drink