What Vitalyte Are You

You have lifted the latch to the pool gate more times than you can remember. The sight of steam coming off the pool from the 5:00am cold air hitting the lukewarm water is etched in your memory eternally. Your friends joke that they are going to buy you something other than "Eau D' Chlorine" because you wear it all too often. Yes you are a swimmer and you love it, the competition, the gosh awful early mornings and even the slight tinge of green in your golden locks have become endearing to you. The only thing you don't love is feeling a little under fueled before you take your first dolphin turn. You see, food doesn't really set right with you that early in the morning and prior to competition you have too many butterfly's taking up residence in your tummy to leave room for even a teaspoon of anything. Aghhhh that needs to be fixed and Vitalyte has your solution. Our Tri Phase Endurance Fuel is the secret for any athlete looking for a pre workout fuel for swimming. Packed with essential electrolytes for optimal hydration, b vitamins for energy to get you off the starting block fast, and Palatinose, a patented carbohydrate source for long-term energy that is easy on the stomach, your early mornings just got a lot better. Now if only there was a way to evict those butterflies!

Tri Phase Endurance Swimming