What Vitalyte Are You

Planes, trains and automobiles, sometimes to get to your destination it requires a myriad of transportation options until your arrival is complete. We all have experienced the hustle and bustle or trying to make a connecting flight with forty pounds of luggage in tow. Not to mention attempting to figure out the train schedule in a foreign country while maintaining some sense of the currency exchange rate. With time zone changes, altitude adjustments and culinary adaptations, no doubt traveling can test one's resilience. With so many factors outside your control, there is one item you can be in charge of, your body's hydration. A properly hydrated body will respond better to travel and the stress that comes along with it. That's why at Vitalyte we have created the ultimate electrolyte replacement for travel. Packed with the essential minerals your body desires for optimal hydration and free from any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, Vitalyte is perfect carry on companion. So go ahead and ask the flight attendant for that lager during your flight but don't forget the Vitalyte chaser. You will be glad you did once your taxi arrives!

Electrolyte Replacement Traveling