Water Polo and Vitalyte

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At Vitalyte we love the Olympics and one of our favorite sports to watch is water polo. These athletes absolutely inspire us with their endurance, swimming skill and teamwork. We know that while we may see a great match on TV, what we don't see is what goes on behind the scenes. Those unseen "episodes" include 5:30am practices, afternoon sessions in the weight room and of course those torturous deep tissue massage appointments! It's the work we don't see that makes a match. That is why we created our pre workout drink for water polo players. Formulated with a long chain carbohydrate source to fuel an athlete through a grueling two hour practice session and beta alanine to buffer lactic acid created during a competition, Tri Phase is a water polo player's best friend. So whether you play meter guard or are famous for your assists, don't forget to start your trainings and matches with a serving of Tri Phase. We call that a breakaway!

Pre Workout Drink Water Polo