What Vitalyte Are You

Your favorite part of the day is from 5:30 to 6:15 pm. It’s during those forty-five minutes that you let your mind unwind from any stresses of the day, you focus on your breathing and center your thoughts only on where you are in the moment. Yes you deeply look forward to your yoga class. While your downward facing dog has greatly improved, your stress levels have decreased and you overall general sense of well-being increased you still can’t help to feel a little dehydrated each time you leave class. After all the room is kept at a steep ninety-five degrees and although you like the heat you know you need to hydrate with more than just water to fend off the temps. If only you could find a natural sports drink, a yoga natural sports drink! My friend, your favorite part of the day just got better. At Vitalyte we know you take your health seriously. That’s why our electrolyte replacement drink contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. On top of it our product is low in sugar and sodium. So settle into your child’s pose knowing we have your hydration needs covered naturally! Namaste!

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