Meet The Brand Ambassadors

Vitalyte™ Brand Ambassadors are people who radiate Vitalyte™ energy inside out; they live it, breathe it, sweat it, and show it. Racers, runners, bikers, and more, they are the athletes who cross the finish line and make their marks. You see them standing on podiums, ranking high, and holding medals. Their endurance, agility, and strength are amazing, and if you ask them what contributes to their success,  they’ll tell you: it’s Vitalyte™.

Vitalyte™ Brand Ambassadors are the living proof that our product works, and they want it to make a difference for you, too. Vitalyte™ replenishes them, and they became Ambassadors to inspire you; and that’s the way Vitalyte™ flows. Ladies and gentlemen, meet our Ambassadors.

Michael Drackert:

michael drackert bikeMichael is from Kansas City, Mo and is avid endurance athlete competing in numerous running, cycling, and triathlon events. By 2010, he was drawn into “ultra” endurance events including 200-mile gravel bike races, 100K ultra-marathons, and multiple Ironman distance triathlons. In addition to competitive racing, Michael has embarked on numerous personal endurance projects such as riding a bicycle across America, summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, multi-day peak bagging trips in the Rocky Mountains, and he will attempt to climb Mt. Rainier this July. For 2016, he is focusing on Xterra Off-Road Triathlons, USAT Nationals, and the Pan American Championships. Michael has found that liquid fuel is the best way to deliver the nutrition he needs in his athletic pursuits.

Favorite Vitalyte product: Complete Recovery Tropical Punch

Race season is almost here. After logging endurance base miles over the last couple months… including 12 swim miles, 550 bike miles, and 196 run miles… its time to start adding in the speed and tempo work. Track workouts full of 400s and 800s are back for Wednesday nights and intervals sessions on the tri bike on Thursday nights. Lifting in gym has gone from 3 sets of 10 for muscular endurance to 5 sets of 5 for power.

But my favorite weekly training session is still the Sunday morning group runs with the local running team. Each week we mark out a 10-15 mile course around Kansas City. We start together at a conversational pace, but around the halfway mark we start to separate out into our respective paces. From miles 8-11, I increase my speed to near 10K race pace to develop leg turnover while fatigued. I’ve found that Vitalyte Tri-Phase Endurance prior to this run is really a great product to help me deliver this late surge of energy.

Hopefully, the training will payoff as I look at racing three duathlons over the next five weeks.

Received an unexpected free race entry to the Goundhog 10K (see attached picture). The whole route is located in underground storage caverns. While the outside temperature was below freezing, it was a warm 65 F in the caverns. I raced well on minimal training as I'm coming out of an off season. Not my fastest 10K, but I finished in the top 20 out of +1,000 people.

Spent a week in Hawaii for vacation. I got in touch with the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team for some trail running recommendations. Needless to say, the trails did not let me down. It was absolutely beautiful. I used the Tri-Phase endurance fuel pre runs and one packet of the Electrolyte Replacement for a couple long runs, including a tough 15 miler with close to 4,000 feet elevation gain.

Training is ramping up with about 10 hours per week spread across the bike, run, and swim plus weight training. I'm frequently using the Complete Recovery for the amino acids as well as the chia bars. The rest of February includes a lot of base volume.

March I'm racing the Tinman Biathlon... 10K run followed by 20 mile bike.

April I'm racing MaxTrax Duathlon (1.5 mi run, 15 mi bike, 3 mi run) and the GC Off-Road Duathlon (2mi trail run, 15 mi mountain bike)

I'll be sure to grab a few photos in my Vitalyte gear and with some product for the next update.


Larnell Mays:

larnell maysHey my name is Larnell mays i am 25 years old from Michigan. I have played Organized basketball my entire life; Also tried out for a professional basketball team in spain june18 2013. i am now in Atlanta GA studying to be a certified fitness trainer at NASM and model / Actor; i have big dreams and i love helping others. Im single with no kids i enjoy fashion and art events and water sports. Vitalyte has played a big role in my life , it has fueled me for success each day i train, i love to run and also circuit train. Fuel is important in my busy lifestyle so being apart of the Vitalyte family is a Dream come true. I look forward to helping others change their life and also enjoy the great taste of Vitalyte nutrition.

Favorite Vitalyte product: Chia peanut butter chocolate bar

Things have been great , me and my basketball team are now 5-1 and pushing to be in the top 3 teams in the Atlanta sports men's basketball league. Being apart of vitalyte has changed my life , and also the products are great. I eat a nutrition bar everyday and use my pre workout also before my training. I wear my gear around town , and love my hat. Can't wait to come see you guys and thanks for the opportunity.


Maia Detmer:

maia detmerI started running in 2012 and since then progressed quite rapidly completing my first full marathon in 2013, 50 Miler x2 and first 100 miler in 2014. Next, in 2015, completed a handful of various distance ultramarathons including another 100 miler and Grand 2 Grand 7 Day Self-Supported Stage Race. I came in 5th Female and 24th Overall.

I finished strong this year at the Valley of Fire 50K ranking 1st Female and 3rd Overall. I’m looking forward to all the epic adventures in store for 2016. What better way to jump start it with racing Tarawera 100KM in New Zealand in February! All these activities powered by Vitalyte. This product has kept me energized and strong. Keeping my electrolytes balanced in order to keep racing to full potential.

Favorite Vitalyte product: Vitalyte Fruit Punch


Jennifer Potter:

jennifer potter48 year old woman living in Point Loma.

I have been running distance races since 2007 – with two marathons. close to 30 half marathons, and in the past year started open water swimming events, biking, and triathlons. Currently training for my first 70.3 in September. Have used Vitalyte for my electrolyte drink since the beginning!

Favorite Vitalyte product: Grape Vitalyte