Mission / Vision

Vitalyte™ Mission Statement:

Vitalyte Sports Nutrition's daily mission is to incorporate the highest level of scientific research into formulating the very best sports and lifestyle nutrition products. Our passion as a company is to empower our customers to achieve their greatest potential in all they do.

Vitalyte™ Vision Statement:

Every person has a dream of what their life could be. Vitalyte's vision is to help bridge the gap between reality and that dream.


Vitalyte (formerly Gookinaid) was started with a simple idea: Helping people. That is why the company was started and why Bill Gookin still comes to work every day. It is what fuels our success and our products. We are literally the “people’s company”. It goes without saying that Vitalyte’s success is dependent on the athletes, doctors, mothers, kids and patients it hydrates. But we said it anyway because it’s that important to us. From the get-go it’s been Bill’s mission to deliver a straight forward, simple electrolyte drink that replaces fluids, electrolytes and Vitamin C lost with dehydration. The result: a formula that hydrates, replenishes, energizes and revitalizes. Two vital nutrients, sodium and potassium, combine to deliver on one promise: hydrate thirsty bodies with exactly what they need and nothing they don’t. It’s not magic, it’s electrolyte replacement. It’s that simple.