Strength Training for Able Bodies and Amputees Alike

Being an endurance athlete encompasses a lot of things. One that usually doesn't get touched is building a base with strength training. As an amputee, I have many muscle imbalances that restrict my performance. As a result, I spend a lot of time doing unilateral training to make sure no body part doesn't gets left behind. Here is a look at one of my basic training workouts.

15 Box jumps

15 Forward lunges

15 reverse lunges

15 lateral lunges

15 transverse lunge

12 1 leg deadlift

15 1 leg squat

15 opp prone cobra "Backlift (no hyper extension)"

20 Oblique twist band

25 Wall ball

15 tuck jumps


20 Stability ball single leg ham curls

20 Stability ball locust lifts

20 Stability ball kick lifts

20 Stability ball reverse leg extensions

20 Stability ball superman

20 Stability ball oblique twist

20 trx ball leg curl

20 trx single leg pike


swim 1 mile.
It is very important to continue strength training during your season to help decrease your chance of injury. During the season I lighten up on the weights I lift and use more body weight case you were wondering. Hope you enjoy it!
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