Vitalyte Gets Brand Ambassador Mike Through 37 Mile Workout

Tales from Brand Ambassador Mike's brick workout this weekend.
30 mile ride + 7 mile run.  Drank tri-phase prior to the ride, went through 2 grape electrolyte replacements plus 2 regular water bottles plus one chia surge, 2nd chia surge on the run, post workout had complete recovery plus a blueberry vanilla chia essentials bar.
I got a late start this weekend and it was probably between 90-95 degrees by the time I really started my workout. The combination of Vitalyte products was the perfect compliment.  I felt well hydrated throughout my haul and the chia surge during my ride was a little kick as I fought a headwind on the way home. Even though my legs felt heavy on the beginning of the run, I was able to hold a 6:50 per mile pace. The 2nd chia surge about 25 minutes in definitely helped me maintain that pace.  When I got back, I immediately mixed up a complete recovery and ate the chia bar. That's to Vitalyte for great way to complete my killer workout on such a hot day!
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