Welcome Our Newest Brand Ambassador: Jeff Foy

brand-ambassador-jeff-foyHello Vitalyte fans,

I’m proud to say I’m a new Brand Ambassador for Vitalyte. My name is Jeff Foy I’m a firefighter in San Diego, triathlete and the founder of the non profit endurance team: TEAM CAL FIRE and co-founder of SDC-FEST (San Diego County Firefighters Endurance Sports Team) -yes we know that is a long name FEST works great for us.

Growing up in Tennessee playing golf since age 3, soccer and tennis since age 5 and all kinds of outdoor activities, I have been an athlete all my life. I played these sports competitively through college. I later went on to become a golf pro but left the golf industry to become a firefighter. A couple years after becoming a firefighter I began boxing for charity.  On top of all these activities I’ve always participated in any sport at any time. But I never spent much time on nutritional supplements.

After an injury from boxing I was told if I kept at it, I could kiss my career goodbye. That was a no brainer so I needed to find a new outlet for all my energy. A cousin of mine participates in triathlons in Texas and had been trying to get me to do one for years. I decided to give it a “tri” and I was hooked. I began doing triathlons in 2009 (Newport Beach was my first). I try and race 4 to 7 times each year.

Last year my fire department decided to switch to a better electrolyte replacement product. Vitalyte was the solution. I was using it casually at work and knew it worked but didn’t know all the science behind it. I was later introduced to Milena from Vitalyte and I learned much more about their products including Chia surge.

I began using all the products and I was hooked. I haven’t had the chance to race this year. My wife and I are expecting our 2nd daughter any day now but I’m hoping to support my team at Mission Bay (Mission Bay and Wildflower are my favorite races). I can’t wait to see how Vitalyte will improve my performance at during a race.

I know that at Vitalyte has improved my ability to train for work and sport, and I can’t wait to see how it helps me advance and make some new PR’s.

Looking forward to sharing my life and Vitalyte tales with you all,


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