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  • Tales from the Field

    From Brand Ambassador Jeff Foy: During an intense 6 week training program, Vitalyte really helped keep me properly hydrated during the daily physical and mental demands of my job.

  • Vitalyte + Soccer = <3

    My daughter really loves drinking Grape Vitalyte during her soccer games. She has even started to drink Tri-Phase pre game and we have noticed her ability to play with more energy especially when she plays all 4 quarters.
    She even scored 19 goals last season!
  • Vitalyte Powers My Training At Work and At Play….

    By Jeff Foy - Brand Ambassadorimg_2689

    Part 1

    I was introduced to Vitalyte a couple months ago when my fire department decided to make a switch from our old electrolyte replacement to a healthier option and Vitalyte fit that need. I was using the single serve sticks and definitely seeing results, without all the side effects and crashes other products offer. I hadn’t done any research as to how it all worked - I just knew I felt better.

    I finally decided I wanted to learn more and it was just in time. The following weekend headed out to the Desert to attend a rescue class on the river in 110+ degree weather. Lucky me. I went to a local Vitalyte retailer and stocked up on Chia Surge, Tri-Phase and Complete Recovery. The class went from first thing in the morning until after midnight the first day and all day the second. I’m convinced that my ability to keep from keeling over directly correlates with my use of Vitalyte.

    You can guess that, as a firefighter, we participate in pretty intense physical training on a regular basis. We spend between 4-8 hours a day of training. Just doing our job alone is draining, but add all the protective gear in addition to the heat, and you can infer the importance of staying on top of our electrolyte balance. My crew and I go through 1-3 stick packs per day, per person, depending on the intensity of the climate. From climbing a 107-foot ladder to training for wildfires, stick packs and chia surge have become the staples to keep us going.

    As for our fitness at work, it can last up to 2 hours; lifting weights, followed by either a few mile run or putting our bikes on stationary trainers and riding for 30-60 min. We follow all that up with circuit training using body weight exercises, kettle bells, tractor tires and sledge hammers. I think I need a chia surge just thinking about doing all that. I like to take Tri-Phase about 30 min before we start, I have a water bottle or 2 filled with a stick packs (lately grape or lemonade) that I drink throughout the workout, and lastly I usually have a chia surge in the middle of the cardio portion of our training. Of course post training I include complete recovery.

    I have noticed a significant difference in my training at work and at play and I thank Vitalyte for the positive change.

    Stay tuned for part 2

  • Welcome Our Newest Brand Ambassador: Jeff Foy

    brand-ambassador-jeff-foyHello Vitalyte fans,

    I’m proud to say I’m a new Brand Ambassador for Vitalyte. My name is Jeff Foy I’m a firefighter in San Diego, triathlete and the founder of the non profit endurance team: TEAM CAL FIRE and co-founder of SDC-FEST (San Diego County Firefighters Endurance Sports Team) -yes we know that is a long name FEST works great for us.

    Growing up in Tennessee playing golf since age 3, soccer and tennis since age 5 and all kinds of outdoor activities, I have been an athlete all my life. I played these sports competitively through college. I later went on to become a golf pro but left the golf industry to become a firefighter. A couple years after becoming a firefighter I began boxing for charity.  On top of all these activities I’ve always participated in any sport at any time. But I never spent much time on nutritional supplements.

    After an injury from boxing I was told if I kept at it, I could kiss my career goodbye. That was a no brainer so I needed to find a new outlet for all my energy. A cousin of mine participates in triathlons in Texas and had been trying to get me to do one for years. I decided to give it a “tri” and I was hooked. I began doing triathlons in 2009 (Newport Beach was my first). I try and race 4 to 7 times each year.

    Last year my fire department decided to switch to a better electrolyte replacement product. Vitalyte was the solution. I was using it casually at work and knew it worked but didn’t know all the science behind it. I was later introduced to Milena from Vitalyte and I learned much more about their products including Chia surge.

    I began using all the products and I was hooked. I haven’t had the chance to race this year. My wife and I are expecting our 2nd daughter any day now but I’m hoping to support my team at Mission Bay (Mission Bay and Wildflower are my favorite races). I can’t wait to see how Vitalyte will improve my performance at during a race.

    I know that at Vitalyte has improved my ability to train for work and sport, and I can’t wait to see how it helps me advance and make some new PR’s.

    Looking forward to sharing my life and Vitalyte tales with you all,


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