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  • Team Vitalyte's Soren Thompson Goes to Columbia!

    Competing in 95 degree temperatures with 95% percent humidity was a tough test, but Vitalyte helped me once again.  At the recent Pan Am Zonal Fencing Championships in Cartagena, Columbia I won my fifth medal in three years.  Thank you Vitalyte Original Citrus and Chia Surge!

  • Heat Training is a Breeze with Vitalyte!

    Heat training today.  106 degrees at 6pm, no problem.  Downed a tri-phase pre workout, ate a chocolate peanut butter chia bar, hopped on the bike for a quick 20 miler with a fruit punch electrolyte replacement and water.  Quick change into running gear, a pineapple chia surge and off for a 4 mile run at 6:40 pace.  No heat bonking today, thank you Vitalyte!  Jumped in the pool and poured a glass of Complete Recovery over ice.

    Solid day thanks to my partner Vitalyte.

  • How to refresh yourself after a hard workout

    How to refresh yourself after a hard workout... lemon Vitalyte plus a squeeze of two real lemons for a little extra zing! :)

  • Vitalyte Gets Brand Ambassador Mike Through 37 Mile Workout

    Tales from Brand Ambassador Mike's brick workout this weekend.
    30 mile ride + 7 mile run.  Drank tri-phase prior to the ride, went through 2 grape electrolyte replacements plus 2 regular water bottles plus one chia surge, 2nd chia surge on the run, post workout had complete recovery plus a blueberry vanilla chia essentials bar.
    I got a late start this weekend and it was probably between 90-95 degrees by the time I really started my workout. The combination of Vitalyte products was the perfect compliment.  I felt well hydrated throughout my haul and the chia surge during my ride was a little kick as I fought a headwind on the way home. Even though my legs felt heavy on the beginning of the run, I was able to hold a 6:50 per mile pace. The 2nd chia surge about 25 minutes in definitely helped me maintain that pace.  When I got back, I immediately mixed up a complete recovery and ate the chia bar. That's to Vitalyte for great way to complete my killer workout on such a hot day!
  • Tales from the Field

    From Brand Ambassador Jeff Foy: During an intense 6 week training program, Vitalyte really helped keep me properly hydrated during the daily physical and mental demands of my job.

  • Vitalyte + Soccer = <3

    My daughter really loves drinking Grape Vitalyte during her soccer games. She has even started to drink Tri-Phase pre game and we have noticed her ability to play with more energy especially when she plays all 4 quarters.
    She even scored 19 goals last season!
  • Laura Conley - Back in the Saddle


    Laura Conley is back in the saddle and training up a storm. She took a minor spill a few weeks back but she's back and going harder than ever.

  • Brand Ambassador News Update: Soren Thompson

    I placed 7th at the Monal Epee World Cup, which is one of the best US results in history.  The result improved my world ranking to #11.  I was drinking Vitalyte all day and it helped me compete at my best, of course!

  • The Surf City Marathon: A Lesson.

    By Laura Conley

    The Surf City Half Marathon was a big lesson for me!  I learned to listen to my body and give it more than enough rest!!!  I had been sick the week prior to the race with the stomach flu and after drinking lots of Vitalyte to replace electrolytes and fluid lost I thought I was better. I knew that my digestive system was still not quite right, but I thought I could push through and be ok. Long story short - boy was I WRONG!!!  I started out the race very conservatively and then picked up the pace as the miles flew by.  Around mile 6-7 though, my stomach decided that enough was enough!  I started cramping and having to make frequent bathroom visits.  I think the running really churned things up in my gut all over again.  I was so disappointed that I couldn't keep running strong, but I never quit.  I just kept jogging/walking/bathroom visiting until I reached the finish line.  By some miracle I finished in about 1:30ish!  Still, I will always remember that race because it was a reminder that I am human and I should listen to the my body when it needs to rest.  I can't wait to come back next year nice and healthy to race a new Personal Record!!! :)

  • Surf City Recap

    Good Evening Ladies and Gents.

    The Surft City Marathon Expo just came to a close here in Huntington Beach, CA where thousands of runners will gather tomorrow morning to run either a half or full marathon. We will be the official on course beverage, as we have for the last few years now but this year, we were proud to introduce 2 new products into the Vitalyte family.

    You may have heard us mention Chia Essentials, the original Chia bar and our break into the bar market. This awesome, all natural bar weighs in at 180 calories and comes in chocolate peanut butter and blueberry vanilla (more flavors to come). The bars were a huge hit today as we sampled and educated runners and friends alike about the amazing health benefits of chia... and a few chia pet jokes.

    Next up on the announcement lineup is... wait for it.... a brand new flavor of Tri Phase Endurance: Mandarin Orange. This revolutionary pre work out product fuels your body in ways you've never experienced and we're thrilled to add this refreshing new flavor to our lifestyle nutrition line.

    We'd like to wish all competitors the best of luck tomorrow, including our Brand Ambassador Laura Conley. We'll let you know how she does as soon as the results are in. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow during the race!

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