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  • "April was an exciting month indeed!"--Lenny Futterman

    Brand Ambasssador_lenny_fluttermanApril was an exciting month in the rowing calendar because it marked the beginning of spring selection for the national team. The first of these selection regattas is in the double scull (two people, two oars each).
    A few weeks ago my double partner and I drove to Princeton for this regatta. We had shown decent speed in practice and were excited to see what we could do against the country's best scullers.
    The first day was a time trial. We executed our race plan, but truthfully, when it was over, I had no idea how we had done. It was only on the dock when another rower yelled to us "Hey Guys, good job!" that we found out that we got 2nd overall.
    The next day, even at 6am, the weather was nasty with 15-20mph winds. Regardless, we suited up, got in our boat and started warming up for our semi final. It was only 10 minutes before the race that the officials announced that the racing would be canceled for the day and would resume the following morning.
    When our semi finally went off the next morning, we had a composed race which we won in the 2nd fastest time of the day. At that point, we were just happy to have gotten to race, n though the wind was still kicking at 11mph.
    On saturday we had the Grand Final. After the successes of the last few races, we expected to beat crews that we had been beating or posting faster times than all week. We finished fourth in a tight race (2nd to 4th was .8 seconds!), but we realized that although it is not how we wanted to finish, it was still a solid result and a great way to start the season.
    I have another selection regatta in a few weeks, this time in the Single Scull. If I win this regatta, I will be able to compete at one of the world cups.
  • Meet Brand Ambassador Garry Segarman

    Garry1I'm a 61 year young male. I took up cycling at the age of 47. SO for 14 years I've been riding. Mostly road but occasionally some mountain. I also do a little hiking on the side. I ride 4 - 5 times a week and work part time anywhere from 24 - 34 hours a week. I'm usually out about 5:15 am to get started. On weekends I lead a group ride on Saturdays & ride with the Susan Komen Breast Cancer group on Sundays. I ride maybe 200 miles a week.  I've been using Vitalite for about a year now, before becoming Brand Ambassador.

  • Unexpected Benefits of Hydration

    all-natural-sports-drinkWe all know how important hydration is for maintaining good health, but staying hydrated has benefits far and beyond what you may expect. Here are some of the unexpected benefits of staying hydrated to keep in mind!

    Increasing your cognitive function: A study from King’s College in London found that long periods of dehydration could impair brain functions like planning and spatial relations. The first clue we often get that we are dehydrated is the failure to think clearly. Unfortunately as a result we don't always make the connection that the impaired cognitive function is a sign that we have not been getting enough fluids. Experts suggest that staying hydrated can increase your brain's performance by up to 30 percent!

    For Weight Reduction: When the kidneys are operating effectively they help the liver to burn excess fat and turn it into energy. When we are dehydrated our kidneys do not function effectively and are unable to aid in the process of breaking down body fat into energy. Consuming healthy quantities of fluids can help prevent those pesky fat deposits from forming and aid in maintaining a healthy weight.

    For Healthy Hair: When hair loses moisture it becomes dry, brittle and dull. This can be a particular problem in the winter when the air is more dry. Your hair needs to stay hydrated, and apart from deep conditioning and taking extra care externally, your hair needs to be treated from within, through consumption of a balanced diet and plenty of fluids.

    For Glowing Skin: Hydration is essential to preserving skin moisture and providing nutrients for the skin cells. Staying hydrated allows skin to retain its elasticity, helping to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. If you notice that your skin is cracking in the dry air try drinking a glass or two of Vitalyte in addition to applying lotion to help your skin retain moisture.

    Being hydrated doesn't just help us to feel good and stay active, it allows us to think clearly and look our best. Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement is absorbed quickly, to promptly chase away those symptoms of dehydration and help contribute to quick thinking, weight reduction, healthy hair, and that gorgeous skin!

    By: Poorvi Adavi

  • The Best Sources of Electrolytes, From Vegetables to Vitalyte

    replenish electrolytes easily


    Do you ever feel sluggish in the hours after a rigorous workout, or after a night out on the town? If so, there may be more than exhaustion, dehydration, or a hangover to blame. You may also suffer from an electrolyte imbalance—something you can’t cure by resting or gulping gimmicky sports drinks. This may sound like your mother speaking, but to cure an electrolyte imbalance, you need to take in the right nutrients. Vitalyte’s Electrolyte Replacement Formula has everything you need.

    Great Sources of Electrolytes

    Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals that are found in blood and other body fluids. When you sweat or excrete fluid in other ways, your electrolyte levels decrease. To replenish them, it’s best to ingest foods and liquids that contain a high level of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and other electrolytes, such as:

    Spinach – Leafy green vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and kale are great sources of magnesium. They’re also low calorie, so you can eat them in large quantities without fretting about your waistline. If you’re low on magnesium, the vegetable section of your local grocer should be your next destination.

    Peanut Butter – Part of peanut butter’s great taste comes from sodium. The salt it contains enhances the mellow flavor of the butter. But the sodium benefits more than your taste buds. By increasing fluid retention, it helps you recover from strenuous workouts, or lazy sauna sessions where you sweat a river.

    Trail Mix – Trail mix that contains dried bananas and raisins is packed with the electrolyte potassium. Because trail mix tends to be naturally sugary, try to stick with the recommended serving size; and avoid mixes that contain fattening ingredients like candied pineapple, M&Ms and yogurt-covered anything.

    Milk – The American diet is heavy on dairy products, so most of us needn’t worry about getting enough calcium. If dairy products agree with your digestive system, then have fun chowing down on a round of baked Brie or an aged slice of Roquefort. The French diet is heavy on dairy products, too.

    Vitalyte – Vitalyte electrolyte replacement drink is the ultimate solution for curing an electrolyte imbalance fast. Ideal for people who have food sensitivities, or who need a convenient solution for electrolyte replacement, Vitalyte contains delicious natural ingredients, and has less sugar than competing brands.

    Maintaining a Healthy Balance

    Health experts recommend maintaining an electrolyte-rich diet to keep your electrolyte levels high. But if you routinely perform strenuous exercise or engage in other strenuous activities, you may need an extra infusion of electrolytes to stay healthy. Vitalyte electrolyte replacement drink is a great solution.

    Vitalyte is also a great option for lactose intolerant individuals, who can’t get their supply of calcium from dairy products, and people with food allergies that prevent them from eating electrolyte rich fruits or vegetables. Regardless of why you need an electrolyte boost, delicious Vitalyte drink mix is a healthy way to get it. Try our delicious Electrolyte Replacement Formula today.

  • Electrolyte Imbalance Symptoms

    electrolyte-drinks-for-2013Remember the old V-8 commercials, where people who didn’t get their proper nutrition walked around on a slant, while everyone else stood up straight? Not getting your Vitamin C isn’t the only thing that can make you feel like those people looked. Receiving low doses of electrolytes can throw you off balance, too.

    The Importance of Electrolytes

    Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals that are found in blood and other body fluids. You probably know lots of them by name, such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium. Responsible for important body processes such as water retention, muscle function, and the maintenance of blood acidity, electrolytes are excreted in sweat, and need to be replaced as they exit the body.

    This means that after you finish a hard work out, dance for hours on Friday night, or spend Saturday evening processing beer into bodily waste, you need to flood your blood with electrolytes. Otherwise, you could end up feeling sluggish, achy, dizzy, and nauseous – and that’s just the beginning. If an electrolyte imbalance becomes severe, a person can experience mental changes and a rapid heartbeat, and need to be hospitalized.

    That’s no way to leave the gym, much less a happening dance club.

    Maintaining a Healthy Balance

    Maintaining a healthy balance of electrolytes can be done in two ways: eating foods that are flush with the minerals, and ingesting a formula that provides a full burst of electrolytes when you need them most. Ideally, you should eat an electrolyte rich diet, and use special formulas like the ones available from Vitalyte when you need an extra infusion of electrolytes, which may be every day.

    Eating vegetables such as corn, carrots, green beans, fruits such as dark berries, and dairy products such as milk and cheese is a great way to keep your blood stocked with electrolytes. But you may need an extra boost of the minerals if you’re someone who regularly works, plays, or exercises in a way that makes you loose lots of fluid in a short period of time, such as a:

    · Construction worker

    · Long distance runner

    · Frequent club goer

    · Daily beach goer

    Even an activity like sitting in the sauna at your health club could make you a candidate for one of Vitalyte’s specially formulated electrolyte drinks.

    The Bottom Line

    Like many health problems, electrolyte imbalance begins as a minor malady, but can quickly become serious if you leave it unaddressed. Remember, if you participate in any work of leisure activity that makes you loose lots of fluids—even if it’s just sitting on your duff and sipping micro brews—you need to replenish your electrolyte count to avoid health complications that could spiral out of control.

    For most people, the easiest way to replace electrolytes is to mix up a serving of Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Formula. With tasty flavors like Grape, Zesty Orange and Fruit Punch to choose from; and a list of ingredients that doesn’t begin with sugar, Vitalyte is a great supplement for the health conscious. Shop for Vitalyte today!

  • The Best Uses for Electrolyte Drinks

    electrolyte drinks


    Electrolytes in your body are essential for the metabolism of your cells, and electrolyte drinks allow you to replace those essential electrolytes—like sodium and potassium—that you lose while sweating.  Electrolyte drinks come in a wide variety of flavors and concentrations, and everyone—not just athletes—can benefit from these nourishing beverages. The trick is finding the right electrolyte drink and knowing when to consume it.

    Choosing an Electrolyte Drink

    Not all electrolyte drinks are created equal. When choosing an electrolyte drink, be aware of high sugar content. Look for drinks that are low in sugar and carbohydrates, and that use natural ingredients. Vitalyte Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance are great options, because they’re loaded with natural ingredients, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, and are low in sugar. Best of all, they taste delicious.

    Most of your supermarket electrolyte drinks are nothing more than glorified, sugary fruit juices, so be very careful and always read labels. Your electrolyte replenishment drink should have enough vitamins and minerals to promote your good health, whether you’re running a marathon or just relaxing around the house.

    The Best Uses for Electrolyte Drinks

    When it comes to electrolyte drinks, many people picture familiar scenes of children drinking at soccer games and professional athletes appearing in Gatorade commercials. It’s true that electrolyte drinks have widely been marketed toward athletes, because athletic exercise causes the body to lose a tremendous amount of electrolytes. And while electrolyte drinks are hugely beneficial for athletes during and after a rigorous activity, electrolyte drinks have important benefits for all people.

    For example, even a person with a sedentary lifestyle can benefit from a healthy, vitamin-rich electrolyte drink like Vitalyte Complete Recovery. The vitamins and minerals found in Complete Recovery can help you to meet your daily vitamin requirements while maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance. And if you’re only moderately active but tend to sweat, our drinks are great for electrolyte replacement.

    Shop Now

    Electrolytes are important for every body, and Vitalyte has gone to great lengths to develop the ultimate in electrolyte drinks. So if you’re looking for healthy electrolyte recovery, or you just want to add some delicious nutrients to your daily routine, check out Vitalyte Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance today. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Milena’s Top 5 Tips for Staying Motivated: #3: Buddy Up

    Buddy Up

    Training and running with friends can definitely make working out much more fun. I can recall some really hard workouts I got through93796 because my training partner at the time, Brian, would make up rap songs while we ran. Not only was he a lyrical gangster, but his support was key in helping me during some super intense training. So grab a friend and create your own rhymes as you continue to train for your next race. Friends are definitely a happy part of the journey.

  • Complete Recovery Now Available at REI

    Complete Recovery redefines what recovery means post workout or competition. By understanding the many needs of the modern athlete, Vitalyte Sports Nutrition has designed the most advanced Recovery Formula on the market.

    Without glycogen restoration and electrolyte replacement, the body simply cannot begin the process of recovery. With Palatinose and Vitalyte’s amazing electrolyte profile, Complete Recovery will replace glycogen stores and balance electrolytes.

    Complete Recovery’s Amino Complex helps the body begin protein synthesis without weighing the body down.  Our special blend of these necessary amino acids help muscles repair faster and more efficiently.

    Vitalyte Sports Nutrition has introduced the most advanced Recovery Complex ever! Superoxide Dismutase, the most aggressive and potent free radical scavenger ever, leads the charge against full body inflammation and oxidative stress brought on by intense exercise. Add to that Beta Alanine and Glucosamine, and you have a powerful combination that helps muscles and joints heal faster.

    Complete Recovery is the first product of its kind to address the many needs of the modern athlete. With the most intelligent recovery system ever created, Complete Recovery allows athletes to decrease joint and tissue damage, rebuild muscles, improve cognitive focus, shorten recovery times and ultimately improve performance.

    Visit REI near you to pick up your Complete Recovery!

  • Reason #2 - Motivation, Pain and the Great Oreo Cookie Caper

    Reason #2 – Motivation, Pain and the Great Oreo Cookie Caper

    We have all heard the “No Pain, No Gain” theory and to a certain extent this is true, but pain can also be the fastest way to demotivate someone to continue a New Year’s Resolution Workout Plan.

    Let’s go back to talking about Bob. Now that bob has calculated his Basal Metabolic Rate and his Harris Benedict magic number, Bob is ready to hit the gym and start shedding that 10 pounds, or 35,000 calories.

    Day 1 – Knowing that afternoons are hectic and his chances of getting to the gym after work are slim to nil, Bob sets the alarm for an hour earlier than normal so he can work out and still be back home in time to help the kids get off to school. Bob rolls out of bed at 5:30 and pulls on his workout clothes which he got as a very supportive gift from the kids for Christmas. Bob is at the gym by 5:45, right on schedule to meet the other hundreds of people who decided that this was the morning to begin their New Year’s resolutions of getting back in shape. A spot on the treadmill opens up and Bob hurries to claim his place before anyone else can get there. In a frantic rush to make sure that he can get a workout in, Bob forgets to stretch.

    Bob selects a program from the onboard treadmill computer and within a couple minutes is jogging at a good clip. 10 minutes goes by and Bob thinks “This is not half bad.” Another ten minutes goes by and now Bob is starting to feel the burn. His underused muscles aren’t use to this kind of pace. By 29 minutes Bob is in pure agony. His lungs are screaming at him to stop and his heart is ready to beat out of his chest. But Bob is determined to finish his thirty minutes of cardio and burn that 310 calories.

    The clock reaches 30 minutes and Bob pounds the stop button on the treadmill. Even though his legs are on fire and he thinks his heart rate is somewhere north of 2 million beats a minute, a small smile appears on his face. Day 1 in the bag. I can do this Bob thinks to himself.

    Bob heads home, cleans up and gets ready for his work day. He kisses his wife and kids goodbye and heads to the office where he sits in his cubicle till lunch. Bob even decides to have a salad for lunch as further proof of his motivation to get back in shape. However, after lunch Bob comes back to the office where one of his colleagues has left a tray of holiday cookies out in the conference room. Bob, recognizing that he has really worked out for the first time in years, decides he has earned a couple of cookies. The white chocolate dipped Oreos are his favorite so he grabs 5 of those and heads back to his desk. A couple hours later Bob has to use the copy machine strategically located right next to the conference room. After making his copies, Bob, in his most Ninja like manner, sneaks back into the conference room and grabs another handful of those delicious Oreo Cookies.

    Bob gets home at his usual time, hangs out with the family, takes the dog on a walk and orders up pizza for family movie night. The family crowds around the TV with pizza and a movie and Bob enjoys his couple large slices of pepperoni with a couple beers. Since Bob’s body isn’t use to getting up that early, he falls asleep shortly after the movie starts.

    At some point the kids get angry with Bob’s snoring and send him off to bed where he sets his alarm for the same time before drifting back off to sleep.

    The alarm’s obnoxious wailing wakes Bob from a dead sleep. He turns off the alarm, swings his legs out of bed, stands up and cries out in pain. Almost every muscle in his body is in agony. Bob instantly decides he can’t work out again and falls back into bed, glad for the extra hour of sleep. Right before he drifts back to sleep, he whispers out loud to none in particular. “I’ll go tomorrow.”

    Bob’s story might sound a little dramatic but is really the commonplace for most people looking to get back into shape. Tips we can learn from Bob: 1- Stretch. Gyms are crowded in the morning and it can be tough to get on a machine but afford yourself the extra 10 minutes to warm up and cool down. Your body will thank you the next day. 2- Snacks. Part of getting back in shape is training your body to always expect food. Now that you are working out, you will have more of an appetite. Oreo cookies, however are not the best way to reach your goals. Stock your desk with high fiber low sugar snacks like rice cakes or carrots. Diet Tips come tomorrow. 3- Hydration is Key. If you are working out you are sweating and losing electrolytes. Make sure to replace them with Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Solution. Make sure to drink more water throughout the day. Not only does it make a world of difference in keeping your body healthy, but it also fills you up and will help keep you away from the cookie plate. 4- Recovery is key. Vitalyte’s Complete Recovery will help buffer lactic acid, reduce inflammation, and synthesize protein to make sure that you don’t wake up the next day feeling like you were in a car wreck. 5- 3 Days a week to start. If you set the expectation that you will be at the gym 5 days a week right out of the gate, you will be sorely disappointed. Commit to getting there 3 days a week in the beginning and build. Your body will thank you and it will be a whole lot easier to maintain that kind of schedule.

  • Top 3 Reason's New Year's Resolutions Fail - Part 1 of 3

    Top 3 Reason’s New Year’s Resolutions Fail

    by Evan DeMarco

    For so many people out there, there comes a moment shortly after Christmas where you recognize a startling and somewhat scary fact. It is that moment that comes when getting dressed for work, or when reaching for the remote on the coffee table, or even while preparing that third plate of leftovers. Your brain finally recognizes your expanding waistline brought on by overindulgence consistent with the holiday season. Enter New Year’s Resolutions. They usually sound something like: I’m going to finally lose those ten pounds, or I’m going to get back in shape, or I’m going to get back into those jeans I love so much. Whatever the actual resolution, a vast majority of fitness or lifestyle based resolutions fail for all the same reasons. #1 – Setting Unrealistic Expectations The Problem - The TV is ripe this time of year with infomercials selling the latest and greatest exercise and diet fads. They all seem to have the same ridiculous sales pitch. Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Take 5 inches off your waistline. Get back that sexy more confident you in only 4 minutes a day. Crap, Crap and more crap. These infomercial products all offer a quick fix to a big problem and history has always shown that these never work. The Solution – Throw away the scale, stop watching those infomercials and set a realistic goal. Just because you put on 15-20 pounds in two months doesn’t mean you can take it off that quickly. How do you set that goal? Time to do some math. Get a pen and paper and do the equation below based on your gender.

    Women: BMR = 655 + ( 4.35 x weight in pounds ) + ( 4.7 x height in inches ) - ( 4.7 x age in years ) Men: BMR = 66 + ( 6.23 x weight in pounds ) + ( 12.7 x height in inches ) - ( 6.8 x age in year )

    This equation is the Basal Metabolic Rate. It determines how many calories you need to function if you did nothing but lay in bed all day long. Now on to Harris Benedict: Harris Benedict Formula To determine your total daily calorie needs, multiply your BMR by the appropriate activity factor, as follows: • If you are sedentary (little or no exercise) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.2 • If you are lightly active (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.375 • If you are moderatetely active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.55 • If you are very active (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days a week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.725 • If you are extra active (very hard exercise/sports & physical job or 2x training) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.9

    The Harris Benedict Equation determines the calorie intake required to maintain weight based on your activity level.

    Now we get into the most complicated aspect of weight loss called the Evan DeMarco Equation (that’s me by the way). This is a principle of weight loss that is so complex, most people have a hard time following it. Are you Ready? Here it is:

    Eat more calories than you burn in a day and you gain weight. Burn more calories in a day than you eat and you will lose weight.

    Ok, so it really isn’t that complex at all, but so many try to make it that way so they can sell you something. Let’s break this down so it all makes sense. To do that, we will use Bob as our test subject. Bob is a middle aged insurance underwriter with two kids, a dog and mini-van (shame on you for the mini van Bob). Bob is 38 years old, 6 feet tall, weighs 195 pounds. He walks the dog every day and plays with his kids on the weekend but doesn’t really get any other exercise. Bob’s BSM is roughly 1911. That is the number of calories Bob will burn if he does nothing but lay around all day long.

    Bob is lightly active so is Harris Benedict number is 2627. That number represents the number of calories Bob must eat to maintain his 195 pounds at his current activity level.

    There are roughly 3500 calories in a pound of fat. Bob would like to weigh 185 pounds so he has a calorie differential of 35,000.

    Let’s say Bob joins a local health club to get back in shape and starts off jogging on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day. He will burn roughly 310 calories. Assuming Bob doesn’t change his eating habits and sticks with his regiment, he will have to repeat the same 30 minute exercise for 112 days to reach his goal of 10 pounds.

    So back to setting realistic expectations. Bob represents the most simplistic way of looking at weight loss and doesn’t factor in other concepts that we will get to later on but you can see why many people will get frustrated when it comes to weight loss.

    Use this formula to understand what it takes to lose a pound of fat. Knowing is half the battle.

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