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  • Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Minus the Hangover

    Vita Girl here, just stopping by to wish you a happy Cinco de Mayo! I know I’ll be in indulging in a margarita (or two!) in honor of the holiday, but I don’t want to be paying for it tomorrow and I’m guessing you don’t either. Vitalyte can help.

    First off, if you are choosing a margarita as your Cinco de Mayo drink of choice, pick a classic margarita on the rocks instead of a frozen margarita. You’ll save hundreds of calories and cut way back on sugar without sacrificing taste. If you’re going for beer, rest easy: most Mexican beers clock in at around 150 calories per 12-ounce bottle. You can always opt for a light option to slash calories even further.

    Even if you do follow my suggestions for the best Cinco de Mayo libations, you might still wake up with a hangover, which is where Vitalyte comes in. Drink some of the electrolyte replacement drink tonight and first thing when you wake up tomorrow. Alcohol acts as a diuretic—causing dehydration—but also dehydrates the cells of the body and the neurons of the central nervous system, which is why you wake up with a headache, dry mouth and no appetite.

    So down some Vitalyte before you head out for chips, salsa and margaritas, have one before you go to sleep or in the morning (or all three!) and prevent a hangover this Cinco de Mayo and all summer long. Salud!

  • How to Get Rid of Hangovers?

    How to get rid of hangovers?I got introduced to Vitalyte a few years ago when I first started designing a website for them. I was lucky enough to bring home a box of free products when I started working with them and I must admit I have not had a traditional hangover since. Now I've really gone out and killed some brain cells a few nights and somehow remained coherent enough to mix a glass of Vitalyte before hitting the bed. I'll be straight up with you, while I still feel a little run down the next morning, I have no headache, and no "I want to die" feeling. This stuff really works, I've got all my friends hooked on it. I promise this will be the last shameless plug on here, but if I can save a few of you a bed ridden day - Why not?

    Looking forward to sharing some interesting things about art, design, music and all the other things that keep me moving. Thanks for stopping by!

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