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  • 3 Drinks You Should NEVER Drink... and one you should. #YOLO

    1. Squeezits:


    I know these take you back to yesteryear but let's be smart about this. Remember that sticky/tangy feeling on your tongue afteryou popped the top off one of these? Well - there's a reason for it.

    Ingredients: Contains 11% of Fruit Juice, Cherry(ies) Chucklin Juice (What on earth is this?):, Water, Corn Syrup High Fructose (note the re arranged to fool the simple-minded consumer), Pear(s) Juice From Concentrate, Malic Acid (yum), Citric Acid (yum), Potassium Sorbate (Preservative) , Red 40 (how fun- they put red in here- what color was it before), Flavor(s) Artificial (what are we speaking Spanish with the adjective after the noun?), Berry B. Wild Juice :, Water, Corn Syrup High Fructose (again), Pear(s) Juice From Concentrate, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative) , Flavor(s) Artificial, Blue 1 (well thank god it wasn't blue 2).


    2. Kool-aid - Ohh Yeaaaaa-

    Now I know the big Koolaid guy is awesome and provided some solid entertainment for we kids of the 90s buttake a look at... well, whatever the hell is in it.


    3. Tang:

    In my flagrant attempt to find the ingredients of tang, I received entirely too much information and made the executive decision to NOTunknown-1enlighten you all with the boring details. The important point is this: if you don't know what it is, it has a number on the end of it, if it takes more than 1 minute to list the ingredients.... it's probably not great for you.

    To support this theory, here are just a few of the Tang ingredients: Yellow 5, Yellow 6 (no I'm not kidding), Artificial Color, Natural Flavor, Orange Juice Solids, and Calcium Phosphate (which prevents caking).

    Everyone, yourselves a favor and remember that wonderful but slightly altered quote by Mark Twain:

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did drink than by the ones you did. So throw out the tang. Sail away from the Kool-Aid. Catch the trade winds while sipping your Vitalyte. Explore. Dream. Discover.

    Or in the words of the modern renaissance man/woman: #YOLO... Drink Vitalyte.

  • Vitalyte and You

    Vitalyte and You

    What Vitalyte are You? It sounds like an odd question, or at least one that comes from someone not fully understanding the English language, but that odd little question is at the heart of what we do at Vitalyte Sports Nutrition. What Vitalyte are You represents our understanding that all natural electrolyte replacement drinks are not just for high performance athletes, but for everyone.  We all need to stay hydrated and what better way to do than with a great tasting glucose based sports drink not weighed down by artificial colors or flavors, and with the correct ratio of electrolytes for the fastest absorption possible.

    Vitalyte Sports Nutrition was started in the late 1960’s when Bill Gookin, a marathon runner and biochemist, got sick at the Olympic Trials on Gatorade.  As a biochemist and athlete, Bill went back to the drawing board to create a product that he could drink during competition to replace electrolytes and stay hydrated. What started out as one man’s attempt to gain a competitive edge, turned into a sports nutrition revolution.

    More than 40 years later, Vitalyte Sports Nutrition is still an industry leader in sports and lifestyle nutrition. We design our products to promote a healthy active lifestyle and whether you are a world class marathon runner or triathlete like Vitlyte Athlete Milena Glusac, or someone who has just begun an exercise program, we have the sports nutrition products to help you achieve your fitness goals.

    So the real question becomes; What Vitalyte are you?

  • 241 Days

    I can honestly say that at the age of 35, my running “priorities” have shifted. Yep, there used to be those oh-so-neurotic days when, if I ran less than what my training schedule dictated, I felt a lingering sense of guilt that wouldn’t melt away until I made up for it during my next training session.

    I do own a GPS unit, but it stays in my drawer most of the time now, its neighbors are an empty training log and some unused pens. These forgotten items serve as reminders of how my running dynamic has shifted as my life has become a balance act between training, work, friends, coaching and writing.

    It’s funny how life is. It moves along but eventually brings you back to where you started, when running laps on the soccer field and playing chase with your dogs was pure joy and freedom of being in the moment and being alive realized.

    With 241 days to go until my first race in 7 years, I have come full-circle and the joy has returned to my sport. Even though I have chosen a race and know I will once again be “competing,” I don’t feel the stress and anxiety I once did when I was racing “at my best” in my late 20‘s.

    When I run now, I listen to Katy Perry on my iPod and remember my “Last Friday Night” and laugh. Even though there were no “pink flamingos in the pool” or “DJ passed out in the yard” my friend Kevin was hysterical as usual, the cosmos were epic (thankfully I had Vitalyte as a hangover cure the next day!) and no one felt like leaving at closing time. Basically, play has returned to my activity. How? Why now? I’m not asking any questions. I’m just living and enjoying all aspects of my life.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still train. But I really, really, really listen to my body. I was in the gym at 6am this morning strength training and am getting ready to lace up my shoes for a nice easy 5 mile run along the boardwalk in a few minutes. But if was too tired for the run, then I would wait until tomorrow and wouldn’t feel an ounce of guilt about it! Instead, I would enjoy taking my dogs for a walk, or having a cup of coffee with a friend, or finishing up some work emails of I wanted to be productive.

    So how many miles have I run this week? I can’t tell you off-hand. But what I can tell you is that I feel fit, rested and happy; or as the Three Little Bears so eloquently stated it “Just Right.”

  • I Tried It: A Ballet-Inspired Workout

    I normally down my low sugar sports drink of choice—Vitalyte, of course—after my run or spinning class, my two preferred workouts. Lately, however, I have found myself a little bit bored of my normal routine and decided that incorporating one new workout each week would give me the taste of variety I have been craving.

    First up: The Bar Method. I was attracted to the workout because I took ballet for years growing up and also because my routine is cardio heavy and I have been searching for a way to integrate strength-training into my routine.

    The verdict? I couldn’t walk down the stairs at my office without wincing the next day, and the day after that was even worse! The Bar Method is ballet and dance based (don’t worry, dancing experience is not required) and is designed to strengthen and stretch every major muscle group. You stand at a ballet bar (I have found tapes teaching the class in which you use a chair for balance, too) for detail oriented work using small movements that will have your muscles screaming and your legs, abs and arms trembling. Bonus: the workout helps correct poor posture, too.

    The Bar Method isn’t the only ballet-inspired workout; look out for Barre3 and other variations and don’t forget to bring your Vitalyte drink with you to class—you’ll need it!


  • Metabolic Effect...Crushing It

    Brought to you by Captain Vitalyte screen-shot-2011-06-22-at-24021-pm

    I was first introduced to Metabolic Effect nearly a year ago and loved it. After a near 6 month hiatus due to life and location, I took it up again on Tuesday evening. It's now Friday and I'm finally less sore but happy to report that I missed it terribly and as such, want to share the wonder with you all.

    Workout stereotypes run a muck in the fitness world. From girls not lifting weights for fear of getting bulky and preconceived time expenditure expectations, to yoga being a waste of time and the shake weight as the answer to your mid sections troubles, there's a lot of information out there. How do you know what the best approach is to get out of your workout rut? Good question. I found my answer in the new mindset that lies at the core of Metabolic Effect.

    According to the Metabolic Effect website,

    The Science behind the Metabolic Effect (ME) incorporates the latest understanding in endocrinology, health, fitness, strength and conditioning research. ME is a science-based program focused on changing the fat-burning hormonal response to exercise and diet. By changing hormones, rather than simply eating less or exercising more, the body naturally regulates fat burning, appetite, and mood so that motivation for exercise is enhanced while cravings for food are reduced.

    In a nut shell, this 30 minute workout is designed to inspire you to work so hard that you physically need to take a break. All you need are: dumbbells, a matt, some motivation and you're set. Nicole Pizzi, ME trainer, fell in love with the workout and is now a full time trainer. Metabolic Effect challenges you to work harder than you think you can and the results are clear. Work your face off for 30 minutes including warm up and cool down with breaks only when you absolutely need them and kick your metabolism into high gear. Trainers encourage students to drink plenty of water, consume lots of protein and vegetables and to stray away from sugar and alcohol for 48 hours. Why you ask? Toxins like the aforementioned only slow down the effects of ME and once you work that hard, who would want to hinder the results?

    With moves like squats, pushups, burpees, bicep curls, chest presses, the list goes on...this workout is no joke. What I found is that the gym can become hum drum, if you will. Running, spinning, biking etc can all lose their spark - oft times, you stop pushing yourself and fall aimlessly into monotony - sending you deep into a workout rut. This kicks the rut right out from under you, making your body work harder than it ever has. It's short time period makes it okay for you to push because the minutes go fast and it's over before you realize how much butt you've kicked. That's my kind of workout. Add on an accelerated metabolism for 48 hours? Sign me up.

    Keep an eye out for ME (Metabolic Effect) near you and give it a shot! Side note, I took tri phase endurance, the ultimate endurance drink before tackling this beast and felt awesome throughout the 30 super intense minutes. More info to come about ME as they open their own studio in Bird Rock, CA in a few months.

  • My IT Band Hurts. Fix it.

    By Captain Vitalyte

    The IT Band, formally known as the Illiotibial band, and the issues associated with it are no stranger to most runners. In chatting with running friends lately though, it seems that many people either don't know: 1. what it is or 2. how to fix it.

    So what is the IT band?

    The IT band begins in the hip as the tensor fascia latae muscle and has attachments at the origin from three different muscles: the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and vastus lateralis. The muscle becomes a fibrous band of tissue as it progresses down the thigh, then crosses the knee joint, and inserts along the outside portion of the patella, or knee cap, and into the shin bone.

    For me, IT band pain doesn't feel like muscle pain. It seethes deep inside the bone, or at least it feels like it does, &  reverberates throughout the leg with impact, spanning from my outer knee to my upper glut. Sounds fun right? Yea, it's not. It's especially unfun when you're training for a distance run and this fiery pain prevents you from reaching your goals, training or really doing much of anything.

    The standard advice for athletes facing this persistent problem is, you guessed it, the dreaded foam roller. It's my vice and yours. It hurts- and not in a good way but it is indeed one of the best ways to deep condition the muscles in your IT area, to loosen up for the love of god. IT band pain is an injury of progression and by that I mean if you don't cool it, it's gonna get worse. That being said, be smart about your pain. Listen to your body and fix the problem before it escalates.

    Simply put there are 3 phases of recovery for IT band issues:

    1. Stop Running 2. Start Stretching/Foam Rolling. Then move to ice and gradually, side leg lifts with exercise bands are recommended. 3. When you're feeling better, move onto non/low impact exercise (try spinning, yoga or the elliptical). When running is back on the table, run quickly for short periods of time as that tends to aggravate the band less than slow, distance running.

  • Give Meatless Monday a Try

    Vita Girl here! Since it’s Monday, I thought I would make a healthy living suggestion that I have already adopted: Meatless Mondays. Relax, I’m not asking you to give up meat entirely (I am not a vegetarian myself), but cutting down on your meat consumption by just one day a week can lower the amount of sodium and saturated fat you consume—especially if you eat cold cuts.

    I like a turkey sandwich as much as the next girl, but there’s no denying that processed or cured meats contain nitrates, chemical preservatives, sodium and saturated fat. I always look for organic or whole cuts of meat for my sandwiches and try to eat meat-free a few days a week. To ease yourself into eating less meat, maybe try just one day a week, like Meatless Monday!

    Some of my favorite meatless lunches include a regular old PB&J on wheat bread; a healthy burrito made from grilled zucchini, black beans and low-fat cheese; and an egg white frittata with broccoli (made in the micro!). Paired with some fruit or baked pita chips and washed down with mineral water and I am completely satisfied!

  • Staying Germ-Free at the Gym

    Vita Girl here! Today I want to address a workout tip that you might not think about: avoiding germs at the gym. I know everyone’s sweaty and avoiding germs might seem like a lost cause, but a few simple antimicrobial tools can keep you from catching a cold or another illness while working out. Follow my health advice below and your workout will be (almost) germ-free.

    1. Invest in your own gym equipment. I know, that’s why you belong to a gym, right? Well, I splurged on my own yoga mat and medicine ball and have never been happier. Many newer yoga mats even boast antimicrobial technology so one quick swipe with a damp paper towel and you are good to go!

    2. That goes for a gym towel, too. You gym may provide towels, but think about how many sweaty people are reaching for them! You can find towels with antimicrobial technology to cut down on surface bacteria as well.

    3. How many times have you gone straight from the gym to meet a friend for coffee or run an errand? I admit that this happens to me frequently, which is why I always make sure to wear workout clothing with odor-eliminating and antimicrobial technology.

    4. You wouldn’t walk around a public restroom barefoot would you? Well, the same goes for the gym. Wear flip flips when walking around the showers and locker room. I even go one step further by wearing in-studio footwear during yoga and Pilates. Bonus: they help me from slipping in Downward Dog.

  • Stop Sweat It Its Tracks

    Full disclosure: I, Vita Girl, sweat when I run. A lot. I watch with envy as I pass girls without an ounce of sweat soiling their Lululemon outfits and don’t know how they do it! Gulping down an electrolyte replacement drink post-run hydrates me, but I set out to investigate what else I can do about the s-word (sweat).

    Even if you aren’t physically sweating, you are still losing water and vital nutrients, which is why drinking Vitalyte is important. According to a study conducted by Women’s Health, we perspire enough each day to fill a shot glass! And that amount is before running or working out. As for the amount you sweat, blame it on your DNA, which regulates the actual amount we sweat.

    The easiest way to stay dry when exercising, giving a presentation at work or even on a first date is to swipe on antiperspirant. Look for a formula that contains aluminum, which is absorbed into your skin and puts a cork in your sweat-producing eccrine glands. Applying antiperspirant at night will help keep you even drier the next day.

    Clinical-strength over-the-counter antiperspirant is another option. It packs more of a punch than regular old antiperspirant thanks to as much as 20 percent aluminum zirconium (the max amount permitted by the FDA).If that doesn’t work, Botox might be the answer. Relax, I’m not asking you to go the Real Housewives route, but the wrinkle reducer can be injected into the forehead, palms, feet or armpits to stop sweat for up to eight months. Be forewarned: the FDA-approved procedure isn’t cheap.

  • Stay Cool When Temps Heat Up

    There’s a new Vita Girl in town! For my first guest post for Vitalyte, I thought I’d make a confession: even though I know how good I’ll feel after my run, it is still a daily struggle to lace up. Lately, the excuse that has been popping into my brain before I get ready for my usual four-mile run is the heat. It might be easier to run outdoors when the weather is nice, but I have a hard time staying hydrated when it’s hot out. Sweaty and thirsty is definitely not the look I am going for this summer, so here are my best stay-cool tips for running in the warmer months:

    • Start early. I find that it’s easiest to hit the pavement first thing in the morning, before it gets too warm and, more importantly, before I find something else to distract myself with! Sure, checking my email in my PJs sounds nice, but checking my email freshly showered after my run is even better.

    • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Mother Nature provides the best form of hydration in mineral water and there is no need to mess with perfection. Sometimes plain water isn’t as appealing post-run as sugary sports drinks are, so choose ones without artificial colors and sweeteners.

    • I slather on sunscreen year-round, but during the warmer months I wear a hat on my runs for added sun protection. Bonus: a hat keeps my hair off my neck so if I don’t have time to wash it after my run it is in better shape.

    • I constantly update my running playlist so I never know what song is coming next. It’s much easier to finish that last half-mile when listening to one of my favorite songs! If I am adding mileage to my run, I will even tack on a few extra songs to trick myself into forgetting that my run is longer.

    So in the winter I grumble about running when it’s brisk out (my ears get cold!) and in the summer I lament about dehydration because of the warmer weather. That still doesn’t stop me from running, whether it is to relieve stress, enjoy the outdoors or make up for indulging in that extra slice of pizza (okay, maybe two extra slices) last night.

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