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  • Chia Bars on the Bike


    After returning from my trip to Germany, I brought a few Chia bars back with me to try out on my training days.  I have had a lot of problems with other bars and gels during hard workouts because my stomach is extremely sensitive.  I tried them this week and the verdict is in.

    The new Chia Essentials bars prove to be very efficient and easy to eat.  They are the first whole seed chia bar to market, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. They didn't break or crumble when I shoved them in my bike's saddle bag.  They were also very neat and easy to chew while on my bike.  The best part is that they never bothered my stomach!  I didn't get any cramps and within 15-30 minutes my energy level was back up and I was riding strong.  I really enjoyed this snack and now I look forward to all my long bike rides because I know I'll get rewarded with a chia bar halfway through!

  • Chia bars navigate Nymphenberg Palace!

    Before my big Munich Half Marathon race, a few of us went out sight-seeing in Germany.  We walked around the entire Nymphenberg Palace in Munich, Germany which has over 130 bedrooms.
    The grounds of the Nymphenberg Palace are so expansive (490 acres!), after only walking to the edge of the garden, all of us started getting a little worn-out and hungry.
    Fortunately, Evan brought some of the new Chia Essentials bars for us to eat.  Not only were these bars great tasting, but they gave us that extra pick-me-up energy we needed to finish the tour and make it back to the train in time.  Of course we also had some refreshing Vitalyte to wash it down!
    This was the perfect energy bar to travel and backpack through Germany with.  They didn't melt in the warm weather or freeze/harden in the cold temperatures either.  I can't wait until they are for sale in the United States!  I plan on hiking the California Mountains with them all winter long.
  • 5 Amazing Benefits of Chia Seeds

    chia seeds benefits


    Chia seeds have been cultivated for centuries. The Maya and Aztec civilizations knew of their benefits more than 5,000 years ago, and today, medical professionals and nutritionists are gaining a better understanding of the specific benefits of chia seeds. If you have never tried chia seeds for yourself, here are just some of the great things you may be missing out on:

    • Amazing nutrition. Chia seeds are loaded with fiber, calcium, protein, antioxidants, and even Omega-3 fatty acids. Many people struggle to obtain the Omega-3s that they need on a daily basis, because the nutrient is most commonly found in fish. As far as fiber is concerned, just one serving of chia contains 41 percent of your daily recommendation!
    • Peak performance. Chia seeds will provide you with a natural, much-needed energy boost, and can also improve your athletic performance. They also work for appetite control, which means that you can eat less and still feel satisfied.
    • Low cost. Chia seeds are extremely inexpensive, especially when compared to other commercialized superfoods that promise the same benefits (and don't always deliver). A single ounce of chia packs enough of a punch to get you through the entire day.
    • Versatility. There are numerous ways to enjoy chia seeds. Add them to liquids, grind them into a gel, sprinkle them over your favorite foods or eat them by themselves. It's entirely up to you.
    • Great taste. Chia seeds are not only good for you. They taste delicious! And you can use them in baked goods, sprinkle them over your oatmeal or yogurt, or add them to your favorite smoothie. Chia gel drinks, such as Chia Surge, are also extremely delicious, and offer all of the amazing benefits of chia.

    If you have yet to experience the wonders of chia, try it for yourself. As you can see, the benefits of chia seeds are numerous, and you can start reaping the rewards right now. Just remember, chia seeds—like all superfoods—work best as part of a balanced diet, and not as a substitute for healthy eating. So make sure to get plenty of other veggies, fruits and lean protein.

  • The Top 7 Benefits of Chia Energy Gel

    Chia energy gel from Vitalyte


    Chia energy gel has become extremely popular in recent years, but it's not a new phenomenon. In fact, civilizations have been harnessing the power of chia energy gel for centuries. The Aztec and Mayan civilizations consumed chia as a staple food, and the word “Chia” even comes from the Mayan language, and means “Strength.”

    Here are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy from consuming chia energy gel:

    1. Increased energy. Well that one seems obvious from the name, but it's true. Are you tired of feeling lethargic in the middle of the day? Instead of turning to drugs like caffeine, consider taking advantage of the natural energy-boosting properties of chia.
    2. Improved performance. Chia was used by Aztec warriors in battle more than 5,000 years ago, because they understood what it could do for their peak performance. If you plan to run the marathon, work out at the gym or just play basketball at your local park, chia energy gel can give you the natural boost you need.
    3. Improved metabolism. Chia gel is known to cause a reaction in the stomach, dramatically slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar.
    4. Electrolyte balance. Electrolytes are essential to regulating myocardial and neurological function, oxygen delivery, fluid balance and more. If you have a water-electrolyte imbalance, it can have serious health ramifications. Chia energy gel is extremely useful for balancing your electrolytes.
    5. Appetite control. Chia energy gel is low in calories, but can keep you feeling satisfied for hours. Though not a weight loss supplement in itself, it can make a great hunger-reducing supplement for people trying to lose weight.
    6. Omega-3s. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the body, but most of us aren't getting nearly enough of them. Unless you can afford to eat nutritious fish every day, you may be deficient as well. Chia energy gel is filled with Omega-3s.
    7. Antioxidants. Chia is one of the most antioxidant-rich superfoods known to man, and antioxidants fight cancer. Consume chia energy gel every day to maintain your own health and well being.

    Now that you understand some of the key benefits of chia energy gel, try it for yourself. Products like Chia Surge are not only delicious, but they can get you through the day with all the nutrients that nature intended.

  • Bikes, Trains, and Chia Seeds

    By Milena Glusac
    Saturday afternoon around 4:20pm I heard the clip cop of cycling shoes making their way up my stone steps. The knock on the door followed and I knew automatically that Thoryn had arrived safely from his ride from Los Angeles.
    I opened the door and was greeted by Thoryn who is holding an empty Chia Surge Endurance Gel wrapper. He was grinning from ear to ear as he pointed to his GPS watch that read, “99.92”- the exact miles he rode from Long Beach to Cardiff.
    “Come in you crazy,” I told him, “Let’s get you some Vitalyte. I want to hear all about the ride!”
    Thoryn gave me the low down. “It was pretty easy, I just took the 101 highway the whole way. It was nice and overcast. The only major hiccup was that my bike seat fell off with ten miles to go.” The trials and tribulations of Ironman training.
    His race was a little less than four weeks away. Both Thoryn and his mom -also known as Lavamom because of all of her Ironman Hawaii finishes- are going to race the Wales Ironman. After the race, Thoryn will spend a few weeks in London for the UK premier of his band’s (Rage Area) video. The band’s album entitled “Venice Dubtronica” will also be making it’s UK premier.
    I pointed Thoryn to the bathroom so he could shower. Jill my roommate had come into the room by this point and was laughing at the scene: a carbon fiber triathlon bike, a helmet, bike shoes, and a few empty Chia Surge wrappers. Essentially, my living room had become the triathlete graveyard.
    As Thoryn re entered the room, he could tell Jill was laughing at the casualties. “That’s nothing,” he said, “Tomorrow I have a twenty mile run.”
    My friend grabbed his keys, iPhone, and wallet and we ran out the door so he wouldn't miss the train.
    I guess given that I have friends who race Ironman triathlons, I should never be surprised when they call to tell me that they're going to cycle to my house -and they arrive six hours later. That’s what I love about being in the endurance community: the sport brings friends together and makes life fun, by way of bikes, trains, and chia seeds.
  • Save A Little Room For Some Chia

    45407_421773428230_6303869_nI’m a busy woman myself. I work full-time, manage to train for endurance events, maintain my social schedule and time with my family. At the end of the day, how does a busy girl stay sane? Besides reaching for your favorite “skinny” version of the 5 o’clock cocktail, I have my top three ways to keep you calm and cool while still looking great in the latest edition of your Lululemon pants.
    1. Give yourself 30 each day-That can be thirty minutes dedicated to a walk, your favorite book or your favorite Starbucks blend. Spending that time with yourself is like telling the world, “Hey I value myself!” You get time to get back to that space where there is nothing but you and your version of quiet. I do this when I run or go to the gym.  I grab my Chia Surge gel, my Vitalyte and my headphones and I’m out the door. No Mac laptop can catch me, I leave all conference calls in the dust and well, that cute boy that my mom insists I date and give a chance because he “comes from such a good family” gets a busy signal when he calls.
    2. Margin-I read the book Stress Less by Dr. Don Colbert. In the book, Dr. Colbert says that his most stressed and sick clients were those that were the busiest and did not leave enough “margin” in their lives.  By that he meant time in-between events. Here at Vitalyte Sports Nutrition, we support an active, healthy lifestyle. Healthy includes leaving room to recover from strenuous events. Tennis players take a 90 second break in between odd games. Football has time-outs and basketball is famous for their half-times. So take time outs through out your life, your training and your day. Not only will little breaks insure that you don’t have to take a major sabbatical to recharge your batteries properly, but they also allow you time to shift your focus to other aspects of your life that might need attention. So go take that vacation, that 20 minute nap or that weekend off.
    3. Chose healthy-We are constantly presented with choices. Usually those choices include things that add to our health or things that detract from our health. Learning to identify those things that don’t make us feel good is vital to being able to living a healthy lifestyle. At Vitalyte, we have chosen to create products free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives. We made a choice for health. By choosing products such as Chia Surge Endurance Gel and the new Chia Essentials Bar, you are adding to your health. So next time you go to the store, pick whole grains, organic produce and anti-biotic free meats. Add to your health and realize that you do have a choice.
    Good luck with your balancing all that you have on your plate. I guarantee if you take off the french fries and substitute them with some chia seeds, you will feel a whole lot better. Click Here to buy our Chia Surge endurance gel.
  • What I Eat Before a Race

    screen-shot-2012-08-15-at-91322-pmBy Laura Conley

    Laura's eating routine before a 10K or half marathon race is just that...a ROUTINE!

    I eat exactly half a cup of cheerios cereal with half a cup of Honey bunches of Oats with 2tbs cottage cheese and peach yogurt mixed with milk.  I also slice up one banana on top and strawberries or peaches if they are in season.  Then I have a cup of black coffee and a cup of green tea along with it.

    About an hour before my race I drink Tri-phase and load my pockets with chia surge.  Now I know many people want the benefits of Chia, but don't know how to consume it during a race... Chia energy gel is by far the BEST way to eat on the run.  The gel is not very thick so it goes down easily and doesn't choke you like some thick gummy candy. The best part is that it absorbs rapidly with without stomach discomfort. With this pre-race meal and during race nutrition, I am set to run my best and win!!!

  • Where Was My Chia 10 Years Ago?

    image-6Ten years ago I ran the New York Marathon. Because I was in the elite field, my own personal water bottles were placed on a special table at every 5k mark of the race. There were 20 bottles on the table, each bottle belonging to an athlete. It was customary the day before the race to gather in the elite athlete hospitality suite for a version of World Class Athletes Arts and Crafts 101.

    The coordinator of the marathon would bring into the suite a huge plastic box filled with markers, colored tape, ribbons, pipe cleaners and all the other goods you would find in a kindergarten classroom. The top marathoners in the world would then gather around and decorate their water bottles. Not only was it a fun break from the media tension and pre-race nerves, but it served a functional purpose by making it easier for each runner to identify their uniquely designed bottle when they would be blazing by the water table at 5:35-5:45 mile pace.

    I don’t know what each person put in their bottle...some electrolyte solution perhaps or even the old standby that legendary marathoner Grete Waitz used, defizzed Coke. I knew I would need more calories than sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium mixed with sugar could offer. Don’t get me wrong, my body would desperately need the firing power of the electrolytes but what would get me through the 26.2 would be fuel. So I wrapped several chewable candies in tinfoil and tapped them to the side of my bottle that was draped in bows and blue and black tape (to match the colors of my racing attire of course). Everyone wondered what in the heck was in the tiny packages. At each five kilometer mark, I would down my drink and then unwrap my candy and chomp away as I whizzed through the five boroughs.

    I wound up finishing 9th overall. Not bad. My little concoction worked quite well. Everyone wondered why I didn’t just take one of the gels offered along the course. My stomach would not let me. The hard to digest, prepackaged gut killers did not like me and vice versa. It wasn’t until a few months ago when the CEO of Vitalyte tossed me one of those oh-so-recognizable gel packs. “Oh no I said. We aren’t friends, gel and I.” “This is different,” he said. “Try it on your next run and let me know what you think.” Reluctantly I tucked the pink gel pack in my shorts the next morning and headed out for a run. “I promised him I would try it,” I reluctantly told myself, as my stomach braced itself for the onslaught.

    First of all, I noticed the taste of the Chia Surge Gel was different than any other gel product I had tried. I continued running and to my surprise and delight, I felt great. No gurgling, sloshing or nausea. In fact I felt really good and had more energy that usual. “I think this Chia Surge has got it going on,” I said to myself. When the CEO, Evan asked me the next day how I liked it, I told him how surprised I was. We all knew that chia seeds were the new 'it' superfood, but that paired with the other amazing ingredients in Chia Surge Endurance Gel, all I could say was, “Where was this ten years ago?”

    Now, my energy levels are awesome on my runs. I take a Chia Surge half way through a 5-6 mile run and on a longer run that is between 10-12 miles, I take one at mile 3 and one at mile 7. Who would’ve known how a little chia could go such a long way.

  • Surge it Up with Chia Surge

    As the CEO of an international Sports Nutrition Company that focuses on promoting healthy active lifestyles, I am use to getting a myriad of unique questions wherever I go. Those questions range from very simple things like “How do I lose weight” to the sometimes odd one like “Will Vitalyte prevent chaffing in my groin?”

    “Why am I not as sore” is one question a good friend of mine recently asked a couple days after a Fitness Rangers Boot Camp workout. The Fitness Rangers Boot Camp is an hour of high intensity interval training combining weights, the TRX and an ever increasing incline on a fast moving treadmill. The result is a total body weight and cardio blast that leaves even the fittest of gym rats struggling to keep up.

    Chia Surge Gel Optimizes Your Workout


    My friend and I were fortunate to pop a Chia Surge before the workout began. The Palatinose, Beta Alanine and whole seed chia in Chia Surge really does give you a quick boost of energy and allow you to push harder and longer. The result is a better workout, which in turn leads to better results. In addition, the lactic acid buffering benefits of beta Alanine make for a much quicker recovery, allowing you to get back in the gym sooner.

    Chia Surge is a great tasting addition to any workout regimen and the results make the easy to carry pouch a must have for those looking for the most out of every workout or competition.

    Go to and check out what Chia Surge Gel can do for you and let it change your life for the better!

  • A Chia Intervention.

    screen-shot-2012-08-07-at-84038-pmYou glance over your monthly on-line bank statement.  It was a great Sunday morning until you almost choked on your Starbucks half-caff, non-fat, sugar-free chai latte.  “Three hundred and eighty-two dollars on race entry fees this month?”  Your weekend hobby is now draining your Vegas fund, never mind the fact that you are so sore from yesterday’s “mud run” that you can’t even think of being able to do next week’s half-marathon.

    It seems you’ve been so wrapped up in the latest destination marathon and setting your alarm to meet your cycling group for the Sunday long-ride that you haven’t had the time or resources to actually take care of your nutritional needs.  You are neglecting your nutritional needs probably- without even knowing it.  Your breakfast is a bagel on the go.  Lunch is a time luxury you often can’t afford with your busy work schedule, so you grab whatever is lurking on the community table in the break room: a half-eaten bag of chips or a donut or two from yesterday’s sales meeting.  Dinner is on the fly as you transition from your evening swim to picking up your pup at doggie daycare.

    You need a major intervention.

    Yep, racer’s anonymous would do you and your piggy bank some good.  Time to shift your perspective from racing to living a healthy lifestyle.  After all, isn’t that what being active is all about-about living a healthy lifestyle?  With revolutionary products like Chia Surge Endurance Gel, you don’t have to compromise your nutrition anymore.  Fuel yourself for life and have the energy you want.  After all, your training and exercise program should enhance your health, not detract from it.

    So next time you are walking past the vending machine on the second floor of your office building, instead of listening to the Snicker’s bar calling your name, take a detour to and read about the amazing benefits of chia.

    That’s deserve a Chia Intervention.  It will do you and your Vegas funds wonders.  Hmmmm...I wonder if chia seeds can help with hangovers?

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