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  • Tales from the Wave ... A Chia Surge Story

    What's up ladies and germs. Josh here. I know what most of you are thinking - I'm a marathon runner/triathlete/sprinter/body screen-shot-2012-05-30-at-70958-pmbuilder/insert bad ass sport here - what can this grom teach me? That my friends is why I'm here - to enlighten you and open your eyes to the wild wonder of chia surge and how it can help you kick butt - no matter your sport of choice.

    I started surfing when I was a kid and basically haven't stopped since. It's not seen as an endurance sport - shock gasp - but let me tell you, when you're out there for 4 hours day in day out, let me tell you, endurance plays a roll. I got hurt a few months back and had to lay off the waves for a while and when I finally got back out there - I was truly surprised at how slowly my body seemed to respond. I was exhausted in a fraction of the time I used to be and I won't lie to you - I was beyond frustrated.

    After having lunch with a good friend of mine - who happens to be a die hard cyclist and a huge Vitalyte advocate, he threw some of this stuff called Chia Surge my way and told me to take it before hitting the waves the next day. Aside from not thinking about Chia in any other form than the pets of yesteryear, I had never taken anything to keep my body going while surfing or doing anything really. Regardless, I was desperate so I tried it.

    I'm not a believer in this type of thing and honestly, aside from thinking twice that I coincidentally had an awesome day the day I took chia surge - I wasn't convinced. Two days later, I went out again - sans surge - and was horribly tired and even more frustrated. The third time - this time with chia - I became a believer.

    This stuff is all natural and kicks in immediately. You feel it enhancing the natural awesomeness you were born to share and that's what I'm looking for. Be it on the road, in the gym, or tearing up the waves, Chia Surge is my new thing and you should probably give it a whirl.

    To the surf and seeds,


  • Chia Surge: 90s House Pet or Modern Superfood?


    So you want to get the skinny on Chia Surge eh? I don't blame you. When I first heard about the newest Vitalye product, I was skeptical to say the least. Why would I want to consume an awkwardly grassy 90s house-pet trend, I asked myself. The answer proved quite a bit less trendy than I expected.

    Chia seeds are a super food that have been around for, well, forever. Chia was considered as important as maize by the Aztecs in the 16th century - see? -right away the 90s pop jams start to dissipate. You may have heard of chia usage from Born to Run, a wildly popular book about the Mexican Barefoot Runners, otherwise known as the Tarahumara, who consumed Chia seeds as fuel for their distance runs. Anyway, Vitalyte saw the value in this superfood and decided to do something about it.

    The science behind this seeded gel is unlike anything else on the market…. but seriously, it's the world's first and only whole seed chia gel. Complete with Chia seeds and Palatinose for prolonged energy and muscle fuel along with Beta Alanine and BCAA’s to buffer lactic acid and improve muscle performance, this gel is not at all like the others.

    Most chia surge converts, we're finding, are one of two types: Chia Nuts or Gel Addicts. Since this is a no brainer for the chia nuts, we'll focus on the later: the gel obsessors. Why Chia Surge you ask? You know that feeling when someone hands you a coffee or chocolate flavored gel or Gu at mile 8 of your half? Mile 20 of your century? That awkward, gag-inducing choke down of literal gu that you do because you have to? Because there's no other option? You know that crash that drops you down to the point of no return a mere 45 minutes after taking it.. and then you have to take another in order to function and finish? Yea… we were over that.

    Chia Surge is a light, textured formula that's not too sweet and much smoother than other gels on the market. It kicks into your system 8-10 minutes after consumption and gradually builds you up for two hours - sans crash-  thereby keeping you energized and loving life throughout your workout.

    The long and the short of it is that Chia Surge is one of a kind, comes in two flavors: Raspberry and Pineapple Orange- and is worth your while. So turn up those throw back jams, put on those moon shoes and suck in a Chia Surge - you'll be dancing, running, jumping, and rocking out till the break of dawn.

    In love and Chia

    Captain Vitalyte

    Want to learn more? Take a look at nutrition information and/or buy online.

  • A new way to find energy when you need it most

    Nutrition has always been an important component of athletic performance, but only recently have superfoods like chia been utilized in concentrated doses to deliver targeted nutrients to athletes. Chia, known widely as the popular novelty household plant grown to resemble hair on clay heads, is now gaining momentum as a premium nutritional supplement. In fact, it is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in commercial use.

    "Chia seeds were a staple of the ancient Aztec diets. Now they are used in many areas of the world for general health and weight loss. As a potent source of many important nutrients, vitamins and minerals, Chia really is a one-of-a-kind superfood. Chia is great for everyone, including competitive athletes. There are many amazing health benefits of chia seeds," says Evan DeMarco, CEO of Vitalyte Sports Nutrition.

    Using an innovative blend of amino acids, beta alanine and the hydration-boosting superfood chia, professional sports nutritionists at Vitalyte Sports Nutrition have created Chia Surge, a revolutionary energy gel designed to provide maximum nutrients at critical points when athletes need them most. The first commercial chia-based energy gel in the world, it improves athletic performance by boosting energy, buffering lactic acid and speeding recovery.

    Chia contains more than eight times the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, and is extremely high in protein, both essential to healthy muscle function. Rich in dietary fiber, chia also contains essential minerals such as phosphorus, manganese, calcium, potassium and sodium. Chia seeds also slow down the rate at which carbs are digested, converted to sugar and then delivered to the body, which makes them an especially amazing nutritional addition for diabetics. Everyone though, can benefit from adding a healthy dose of chia to their diet.

    Modern medical science has shown time and again that proper nutrition is a vital component of injury prevention for athletes, especially when participating in strenuous events such as marathons or triathlons. Nutrient-dense, easily digestible foods are the fastest and most effective way to deliver energy on the spot.

    "We are incredibly excited to be launching this groundbreaking product," says DeMarco. "Chia represents one of the greatest superfoods on the planet and we are very proud to be innovators in this field."

    Vitalyte's Chia Surge delivers critical nutrients and energy in the form of an energy gel, designed for use by athletes in need of fuel at critical moments during performance. Boiling nutrition down to a science and discovering the virtues of chia has improved the safety of athletes who may risk dehydration, low salt, bloating or low blood sugar during endurance events. These serious conditions usually result from the over- or under-consumption of water which upsets the balance of electrolytes, replenishing calories with foods that are not easily digestible, or don't replenish enough calories for sustained energy.

    "Chia seeds slow down the rate at which carbohydrates are digested and then assimilated into the body," says DeMarco. "Because they absorb up to 10 times their weight in water, they create a time release system of steady sustained energy instead of immediate spikes in blood sugar. When you combine chia with palatinose like we did in Chia Surge, along with beta alanine and branched chain amino acids, you have an amazing gel that tastes great, buffers lactic acid to improve performance, and delivers energy to hungry muscles for extended periods of time. And at only 75 calories per pack, Chia Surge is the perfect addition to any exercise plan, regardless of duration or intensity."

    Many athletes are now using highly developed nutrition systems to improve their performance and decrease the risk of injury or dehydration during races. It is expected that with the "all-natural" movement in full swing, superfoods like chia will take center stage in the world of supplements and nutritional breakthroughs. Chia Surge is available for purchase on Vitalyte's website,, and at outdoor specialty store REI

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