Complete Recovery

  • Heat Training is a Breeze with Vitalyte!

    Heat training today.  106 degrees at 6pm, no problem.  Downed a tri-phase pre workout, ate a chocolate peanut butter chia bar, hopped on the bike for a quick 20 miler with a fruit punch electrolyte replacement and water.  Quick change into running gear, a pineapple chia surge and off for a 4 mile run at 6:40 pace.  No heat bonking today, thank you Vitalyte!  Jumped in the pool and poured a glass of Complete Recovery over ice.

    Solid day thanks to my partner Vitalyte.

  • Memorial Day Recovery Plan


    The long weekend has come and gone - how are you feeling? Get  in a final training run for the Rock n Roll? Maybe a 90 minute hot yoga class? What about a killer boxing class? Or maybe.... you drank just a little too much. It happens to the best of us.

    Insert Complete Recoverythe first recovery formula designed specifically to address glycogen and electrolyte depletion, muscle and tissue damage, joint damage and oxidative stress. By using a patented list of ingredients, including the amazing free radical scavenging Superoxide Dismutase and Beta Alanine, Complete Recovery works faster and more efficiently than any other product out there.

    In a nut shell, it will make you feel better now... and tomorrow morning so you're ready and set to get back at it as soon as the sun rises again.

    Sweat on and prosper.

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