30 Days of Awesome - Day 2

Sometimes awesome hurts!!

I have always done my very best to stay in shape. I don't necessarily follow a strict work out routine but lean more towards the Matthew McConaughey philosophy of simply finding a way to work up a sweat every day. Part of the fun of living an active life is finding new ways to do that, so when I was offered a free class at LA Boxing's new club in Denver I jumped at the chance, and wow am I paying for it today.

La Boxing boasts that each class can burn up to 1000 calories through a combination of bag work, punching, kicking, heavy ab work and stretching. I can't comment on the number of calories I burned but I would have to say that I lost at least 6 pounds of water weight, two of which came from me crying like a baby after the class (just kidding).

We all have fitness goals, or we all should anyway. LA Boxing is a great class for people looking to take those goals to the next level. The high intensity class is fun, challenging and most importantly not boring. Check them out online to sign up for their free class and let me know what you think.

By the way, this is not some shameless plug for another company. Part of my 30 Days is to hopefully inspire as many people as I can to get outside, or in a gym and enjoy the rest of summer by being active and having fun.

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