30 Days of Awesome

There is this long standing tradition across the country to make an extensive list of resolutions towards the end of the year, implement those resolutions in the New Year, and completely give up or forget about them by February or March. I have often wondered why New Years resolutions fail for most people. Is it because we attempt to make changes in our lives that are to difficult, to far reaching? I would argue that is not the case. Heck, history is full of stories of the unyielding power of the human spirit so why is a simple resolution to loose 15 pounds or stop drinking such a difficult thing for most? My guess is simply that most resolutions are not fun. I believe that human beings intuitively seek out fun in their lives and the idea of a resolution, which for the most part usually involves giving up something, is counter intuitive. Of course this has just been my observation with no supporting data to back it up except my own experience, which is why I gave up on New Year’s resolutions years ago. On a recent vacation in Breckenridge, CO I had the pleasure of meeting a woman who changed my idea about the nature of such resolutions. Lesley Betts and her boyfriend Sean, at least to the best of my knowledge, are credited with creating the “30 days of Awesome.” Their rules are simple. Embark on a consecutive 30 day quest for awesomeness and write about, photograph it, let the world know. And so their idea and their rules paved the way for the Vitalyte 30 Days of Awesome Campaign. Before I get to the idea and rules behind that campaign I want to thank Lesley and Sean for creating such a fantastic idea, for letting me borrow that idea, and for, in their own way, inspiring me to embark on my own journey. It is my hope that my journey will inspire others and that the karmic payback for Lesley and Sean will be a whole lifetime of awesome.

On to the rules of the Vitalyte 30 Days of Awesome. I have agreed to be the guinea pig for this little adventure of ours and so I encourage you, avid reader, to check back daily for my latest post about my quest for 30 Days of Awesome. Feel free to post your comments (be nice), ask questions and for those who are daring enough, begin your own 30 day journey. Who knows, there might be a Vitalyte contest in the works with cool prizes. So go out and do something awesome everyday and write about, take pictures (preferably with your Vitalyte Water Bottle, there was my shameless Vitalyte pitch in case you didn’t catch it), tell your friends. The goal for me as an executive of this company is not to jam some ridiculous sales strategy down your throat but to inspire you all to begin your own journey and hope that you take Vitalyte along for the ride. Go out and do something you have always wanted to do, try new things and most of all have some fun. And if by chance you see some tall dark and handsome guy in a Vitalyte shirt (hey my grandmother always called me that so I can say it), try to keep up cause tag, you’re it!

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