An Early Start on the New Year's Resolution

If your holidays are anything like mine, you probably find yourself consuming way too many calories. Countless holiday parties lead to overindulgence on an epic scale, and the next thing you know the pants are fitting a little tighter. The holiday season is the perfect storm of bad habits all aimed directly at your mid-section. Of course, with the perfect storm comes the perfect solution. Insert New Year’s resolution here like work out 6 days a week, or lose 15 pounds…and then start laughing like I just did as I wrote that. I’m sure that all New Year’s resolutions begin with the best of intentions, which conjures up something my grandfather used to say about the road to hell and all of those good intentions.

Let’s fast forward to January 2nd. You are at the gym, maybe in the new gym clothes you picked specifically to motivate you back to your former physical glory. Your Ipod has the latest music you find inspiring enough to get you through the 30-45 minutes of cardio you set out to do. You step up on the treadmill and push the necessary sequence of buttons to begin your first workout of the year. Maybe it goes well and maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you finish your workout and head home with the sense that everything is going to be all right come summer and swimsuit season. Maybe you realized that running on a treadmill sucks and you are already dreading the next day, perhaps thinking about relocating to Alaska where you can hide all of your holiday weight underneath the biggest North Face jacket on the market.

Regardless of how your first day or first week goes, the vast majority of people never make it past March. Don’t believe me. Go into your local gym on January 2nd and then again on March 2nd and tell me differently.

There are a myriad of factors that cause the rapid decline in gym attendance. Motivation, lack of planning, lack of results, muscle soreness and an insatiable desire to plop your butt down on the couch and stare at a box for hours on end are to name just a few.

Over the next few weeks I am going to offer up my tips for getting and staying in shape after the holidays. Here is my invitation to all of the fitness community out there: Get involved, help each other out, offer advice and share your successes and failures. Technology allows us to join together in the fight against a sedentary lifestyle. I want to see every Vitalyte Fan post at least one thing during the month of January. I say we get a jump start on shredding those Pumpkin Pie induced extra poundage. Let me know how you plan to beat back the holiday fat after the ball drops and 2011 begins…

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