Complete Recovery Now Available at REI

Complete Recovery redefines what recovery means post workout or competition. By understanding the many needs of the modern athlete, Vitalyte Sports Nutrition has designed the most advanced Recovery Formula on the market.

Without glycogen restoration and electrolyte replacement, the body simply cannot begin the process of recovery. With Palatinose and Vitalyte’s amazing electrolyte profile, Complete Recovery will replace glycogen stores and balance electrolytes.

Complete Recovery’s Amino Complex helps the body begin protein synthesis without weighing the body down.  Our special blend of these necessary amino acids help muscles repair faster and more efficiently.

Vitalyte Sports Nutrition has introduced the most advanced Recovery Complex ever! Superoxide Dismutase, the most aggressive and potent free radical scavenger ever, leads the charge against full body inflammation and oxidative stress brought on by intense exercise. Add to that Beta Alanine and Glucosamine, and you have a powerful combination that helps muscles and joints heal faster.

Complete Recovery is the first product of its kind to address the many needs of the modern athlete. With the most intelligent recovery system ever created, Complete Recovery allows athletes to decrease joint and tissue damage, rebuild muscles, improve cognitive focus, shorten recovery times and ultimately improve performance.

Visit REI near you to pick up your Complete Recovery!

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