Extreme Kellie: Parkour!

Have you ever seen those guys jumping off of buildings and swinging from railings like Spiderman?  Then you've probably heard of a popular sport called Parkour.

The official definition from the American Parkour website says, "Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment."  It's a lot like gymnastics, martial arts, break dancing, track and field, and rock climbing wrapped into one.  Basically, the goal is train your body to be better than it was the day before.

I met with the owners of Apex Movement in Denver... it's a gym based around learning Parkour moves.  They have climbing walls, pads, balance bars, vaults, you name it!  Ryan Ford told me that they train people using "baby steps" and you basically work your way up to overcome huge obstacles.

Just to see the kinds of things they can do was amazing!  Running, jumping, climbing, flipping out of windows... unreal!  It takes serious physical endurance, flexibility and a positive mind set.

I started out on the ground level, doing basic moves like balancing and jumping over hurdles.

I admit, when I looked at the video I looked pretty ridiculous, but I think over time I could really get the hang of it.  And the best part, it was a great work out!

Watch our full story (and their super cool moves) Thursday night at 7pm on The Deuce!

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