Stay Hydrated with a Continual In-Take of Our Electrolyte Replacement Drink

Here at Vitalyte we are busy! Phones ringing, shipments going out, supplies coming in and emails flying everywhere. We love it! But let’s face it, all this “here there and everywhere” can sometimes start to get to even the most talented multi-taskers. So how do we keep our cool around here? Well it starts with practicing what we teach! Stay hydrated with a continual in-take of our electrolyte replacement drink during the day. That being said we want to give you a sneak peek into the lives of some of the stellar athletes who fight off the fatigue with Vitalyte!

Rising tennis star Sam Shropshire stays hydrated on the court with his favorite Cool Citrus Vitalyte. This 2017 Northwestern University graduate knows that keeping his electrolyte levels balanced is one of the keys to his success. Sam is steadily climbing the ranks of the ATP by reaching the quarterfinals of two tournaments this past October.

Asia Muhammad always has a bottle filled of Vitalyte. Whether she is practicing her serve or holding a victory trophy, the 26 year old Las Vegas native knows her nutrition off the court greatly influences her on court performance. Asia recently won the ITF Morgan Run Woman’s Open.

Joe Frank just doesn’t race his bicycle fast, he races it very far. This ultra-endurance athlete is in training for the Race Across America (RAAM). He will compete for the title of the first rider to reach Annapolis, Maryland. Did we mention the race begins in Oceanside, CA and the distance in between is covered by the fastest riders in just under eight days. Fortunately Lemon Vitalyte will be fueling Joe along the way!

Talking about all these fantastic athletic achievements is making us feel a little, well let’s just say, under-trained. Hey we are pros at multi-tasking and keeping our cool. That has to count for something. Until next time, stay healthy, stay hydrated and Electrolyte it up.

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