This Electrolyte Sports Beverage is Free From Anything Artificial

Electrolyte Sports Beverage

There’s so much chitter chatter about a “bucket list” these days. With all the hashtags and posts it seems as if the lists are bolder and mightier than ever. The other day I saw something like “Just checked off running 20 marathons in 20 days in 20 states.” Yikes, it’s exhausting just hearing about the extraordinary accomplishments people are posting about. Call me simple or laid back but I’m a proud under achiever. I mean there must be a place in this social media exposed world for those of us who are excited when we make it to the car wash on a sunny Sunday! At Vitalyte we are proud of our “under achievements.” In a marketplace where a commercial electrolyte sports beverage may have a much bigger ingredient list, we fall a little short. And we are so happy we do!

The Vitalyte formula is free from anything artificial. Yep you heard that right. I mean no artificial colors. No artificial flavors. No artificial sweeteners and non-GMO ingredients. We have learned over our forty plus years in business to be really good at saying “No.” And we know what we say “no” to makes a big difference in the quality of product we offer our consumers. Our isotonic formula is not only rapidly absorbed but has no aftertaste and is easy on the stomach. That is why so many professional athletes trust Vitalyte on and off the field. When hydration can make the difference between winning that last set in a tiebreaker or packing up and heading home, we are confident Vitalyte serves up the best.

So we are going to live vicariously through all of our Vitalyte loyalists. We applaud all the Mt. McKinley summits you have made. We cheer you on during your long-distance triathlons. And we sing your praises when you coach back to back games on tournament weekends. Your dedication and enthusiasm to the activities you take part in inspires us. While the lack of check marks on our bucket list may not show it, just know we make our product still the same way because of you. Hmmm, I wonder what time the car wash closes today?

Photo: Milena Glusac is VP of Marketing for Vitalyte Sports Nutrition. She is a self-proclaimed under achiever. While you won’t see any photos of her ascending a mountain peak, you can find her at the Vitalyte office with feet kicked up and thinking of items to add to our bucket list.

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