At Vitalyte We Have Celebrated Over 45 Birthdays

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There’s something about a birthday that everyone loves! Maybe you love the layers of decadent frosted cake? Perhaps the gathering of friends to celebrate the occasion warms your heart? Or let’s face it, you are all about the gifts. Gifts galore! Whatever a birthday means to you, it’s ok. After all it is your day! At Vitalyte we have celebrated over 45 birthdays and each year we are thankful for the same thing, our loyal customers. Our seasoned consumers have many options when it comes to an electrolyte replacement drink and they continue to add our product to their cart. And that is what we celebrate year after year.

electrolyte replacement drinkSee when our founder, Bill Gookin, mixed the first batch of “Gookinaid” in his garage some four and half decades ago, his intention was to fill a missing niche amongst his running friends. There weren’t many options for sports drinks in the early 70’s and the options that were available were very high and sugar and sodium. Bill wanted his friends to be able to run as far and fast as they wished without getting dehydrated or sick from a heavy commercial beverage. After a few trials and getting his formula “just right” he knew he was onto something as his friends continued to ask for some of that “Gookin Stuff.” Despite the thought process of the day (“more sugar and more sodium is better”) taking root in the sports community, Bill continued to make his product. He held the belief that one day science would catch up with commercials and consumers would start to see that an isotonic sports drink was the best way to stay hydrated. And that is just what happened.

Many teams, professional athletes and search and rescue organizations started using our product. The Rangers at the Grand Canyon started using Vitalyte (yes we changed our name in the early 2000’s) to administer to those hikers suffering from dehydration. In fact one of those Rangers emailed us recently saying, “We saved lives, literally, with Gookinaid.” Bill’s motivation to continue in business was exactly testimonials such as these. Stories like these come through our email daily and we are so fortunate our consumers share their experiences with us. We know with each product shipment that goes out of our warehouse we are helping people stay hydrated and safe and that is the best way to celebrate any birthday!

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