Keeping Sports Enthusiasts Hydrated with the Best in Electrolyte Replacement

electrolyte replacement drink sports

At Vitalyte Sports Nutrition we are sports enthusiasts! Whether it's a Saturday spent watching college football or a Sunday afternoon backyard game of table tennis with your friends, sports bring us together and a bring "play" back into our adult lives. That's why we support and celebrate those who have a passion for sports. We created our brand ambassador program to highlight the athletic journeys of those who compete for the love of an active lifestyle. These Vitalyte enthusiasts spread the good word to their friends, colleagues and competitors about the importance of staying hydrated and the best in electrolyte replacement. In fact Vitalyte has been talking about hydration and making our electrolyte replacement drink for over forty years. We are pretty proud of that! But we are even more proud of our latest brand representatives. So take a moment to read more about soccer player extraordinaire Cameron Roget, track sensation Annie Leblanc and senior tennis star Gregg Hepner on our website at "Meet the Brand Ambassadors".

Hopefully they inspire you to share your story with us! In the mean time, stay healthy, stay hydrated, drink Vitalyte.

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