Road Trip With Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement

Gage Brymer Vitalyte

As the weather is starting to warm up and summer is just over the ridge, we thought it was a great time to share with you some stories about Vitalyte on the road. Whether it is a day drive up the coast or a long trip for some much needed expansion and exploration, Vitalyte can be your electrolyte replacement drink of choice. After all you will need to stay fueled for the adventure ahead!

Gage Brymer is one our Team Vitalyte members whose work takes him to many corners of the globe. As a professional tennis player, this recent UCLA graduate asks his body to be at its best even under less than ideal heat situations. Grinding out a three set match when temps are near 100 degrees on the court isn’t ideal but he knows it is part of the job description. And with the help of his favorite grape Vitalyte the Southern California native doesn’t let the rising mercury get the best of him. Gage is currently traveling playing tournaments. From Greece to Egypt and places beyond he’s earning coveted ATP points and putting in some miles as his home is where his tennis shoes take him for the next eight weeks.

Team Vitalyte member Joe Frank chooses his bike over a plane as his way to see some new terrain. A former Navy Seal candidate, Frank suffered two broken legs when he was in a car that was hit by a drunk driver. Wheelchair bound for several months during the recovery, the San Diegan was determined to return to sports. Currently training for one of the most grueling ultra endurance events in the world, The Race Across America, Joe will race from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland starting June 12th and finishing June 25th. Now that’s a lot of miles in twelve days and cool citrus Vitalyte will be fueling Joe all 3000 of them!

Beau Treyz takes his road trips through the words of others so to speak. This Team Vitalyte member played NCAA Division 1 tennis at the University of Nebraska. Always being one who liked to know more about his favorite athletes, this Florida native started a podcast called “What Do You Get” ( ). Beau shares his interviews with sports personalities both known and not known so well. What they all have in common is a story behind their success and the impact they have had not only on their sport but in their communities. Beau will take you down some exciting and thought-provoking roads and show you some “hidden scenery.”

James Leitner VitalyteVitalyte friend and humanitarian James Leitner has had a somewhat “unconventional” way of seeing some twists and turns in the states. The 24 year old from Scotch Plains, New Jersey is the founder of Mission Clean Water. James developed the non-profit to bring awareness to the number of people in developing countries who don’t have easy access to clean water. In 2017 Leitner walked a 143 day journey from New Jersey to San Francisco. He walked a marathon each day while pulling ten gallons of water behind him in a small buggy. The ten gallons was not a random number. Instead James picked it precisely as it represents the average amount of water a family in Tanzania needs daily. The 3000 miles represents the average number of miles someone will walk in Tanzania each year just to get clean water. You can read more about James’ journey to raise awareness at or visit the Vitalyte blog about his actions that have created a global ripple at

So if that sun strewn street is tempting you to follow it a little further this time of year, grab your favorite flavor of Vitalyte, some inspiration from the Vitalyte friends you just read about and head out that door! If you’re inclined to share your story with us we encourage you to visit our website and submit it. We look forward to hearing how you road trip with Vitalyte!

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