Our Pre Workout Formula is a Great Addition to Your Fueling Routine

vitalyte tri phase endurance fuel

Vitalyte Pre Workout Formula for Serious Athletes

You’ve heard your mother say a million times over, “You are what you eat.” And although we know those words stung your ears we hate to tell you, your mom was right. The quality of fuel you put in your body directly impacts your performance. But did you also know the time you refuel also determines how much your body benefits from good nutrition? So when mom also used to yell, “Don’t skip breakfast,” she knew what she was talking about. See an active body needs a steady supply of nutrients. Skipping meals, eating processed foods and eating too many large meals all affect your body’s metabolism and ultimately you overall state of health. And if you are a serious athlete and you miss getting a good pre-workout fuel in, chances are your performance won’t be what it could be. Just ask Vitalyte brand ambassador Pat Barrett. Pat has always been a fan of our electrolyte replacement drink, but she recently starting using our Tri Phase pre workout drink for endurance athletes. And this four time Ironman finisher and grandmother couldn’t be happier! “I added Tri Phase Endurance to my fueling plan about three weeks ago. My split times have become more consistent, even as the runs have gotten longer. The best description I can give is that Tri Phase provides sustained performance throughout my workout.” So if you are a serious athlete like Pat who juggles work, life and sport, our pre workout formula is a great addition to your fueling routine. Oh and don’t forget to call your mom and tell her she was right!

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