The Tri-Phase Affair, Part 3

So recently, I have been talking about Vitalyte’s new product – Tri-Phase Endurance. An awesome new addition to the Vitalyte team of products, Tri-Phase Endurance is formulated to provide sustained energy and focus, fight free radicals, replenish electrolytes and accelerate recovery. Since I am an out-of-shape, ex-runner who wants to get her endurance groove back, I am totally stoked about this product. It’s called Tri-Phase, because it’s a three stage drink. I’ve already discussed the first two stages, which just to remind you, have made me fall head over heels for the product. Stage one gives you mental focus and sustained energy. Stage two provides increased endurance and decreased muscle fatigue. That brings us now to stage three….

Stage three is all the stuff that has made Vitalyte famous – electrolyte replacement and advanced muscle repair. The advanced electrolyte blend is the same high-performance mix Vitalyte is known for. Electrolytes are needed to keep your neurotransmitters firing and reach your maximum performance potential. Yes, for my sad, can-only-run-a-mile body, that’s exactly what I need. It is also known that extreme exercise increases free radical damage in your body. What you need to combat this are antioxidants. Tri-Phase Endurance contains Selenium, which boosts Glatathione, the “master anitoxidant” and one of the most powerful free radical scavengers available to your body.

What’s awesome is that you take Tri-Phase Endurance 30 minutes prior to a workout or competition and after that, you are set. I’m not that worried anymore about pushing myself through those miles. I’ve got my best wingman here to help. Thank you Vitalyte. You rock my world.

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